Thursday, May 10, 2018

Water Ninja

Hey faeries! How's life? 

I'm pleased to announce that I only have 12 school days left before graduation! :O So that's means this month is my last month of school. It still hasn't quite hit me that I'm not going to do normal school next year. 

I drew this water ninja a few weeks ago. I had been watching a little more Avatar: the Last Airbender then, so I think I was inspired by it. XD

The pose is something I came up with by myself, so it's probably a little wonky. :P *looks at it and squints slightly* Hmm. Maybe I should have made her hands bigger...? Um, no, I don't think that's the problem here.

Or, on second thought, perhaps her hands are too small. Humph, never mind her hands. >.< Her feet are in totally the wrong positions!!!

I used a gray set of markers to color her. They have this little picture on the outside of the box, like they do for all art supplies, of a picture someone had done using those markers. And I like the layers of color they had done on the girl's hair in the picture, so I looked at that for coloring my own girl's hair.

I shaded the darkest shadows on the ninja's skin with black because I felt that would make it stand out a little more from all the other gray shadows.

I used the crosshatching technique for the ninja's sash around her waist. (Truth be told, the sash and belt thing looks ninja like; but also reminds me of Link's first outfit in Skyward Sword, which is the picture on the right. Heh, and that's so a cool ninja over there, that Link, he's my ninja boi! Heh. Yup, so sneaky in those bright, baggy clothes. XDDD *whispers* Ignore my strange behavior at the moment :P)

Some of my family members thought the water that girl was bending or whatever was fire. It's not... XDDD Although, I must admit that fire is definitely one of favorite elemental powers. *cough cough* No way is it just because Zuko, my grumpy prince bae, is a firebender. XD

I think I've covered everything about the art, so... Toodles!* ;)

What's your favorite elemental power?

*Totally not doing a Mettaton reference...


  1. Omg that looks so cool :OO The grays make it look even better!


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