Saturday, May 26, 2018

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - a book review

Hey faeries! 

I have this weird thing where, when I listen to Owl City's Cinematic album, I write my blog posts faster than normal... XD *makes note to self to always listen to Cinematic when writing for this 'cause then I'd get my posts sooner XDD* And, so, I listened to it when writing this and I got this whole post done in almost an hour to two hours. :P

In case you wanted to know what Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is about, I gave a short synopsis in a blog post of mine recently. Here's the link to it!

Yeah Points
  • Friendship is important to this story. (SQUAD GOALS.) Not every single friendship is super easy at first; the characters have to work at it sometimes. 
  • There's a conversation about how powerful love can be. That love can overcome any challenges. And how the love of a parent can do amazing things.  
  • Dumbledore is a mentor type of character to Harry. And Dumbledore is wise, but a little mysterious in the way he goes about teaching Harry.
  • The writing itself is wonderful! Tracey had a perfect word describing this book: charming. And I have to agree, the book is so charming. XD
  • The humor in the The Philosopher's Stone is witty and just plain hilarious. 
  • And, can I say, that Draco was perfectly wonderful!!! (Except, *frowns a little in thought* he is a bully, so wouldn't that make him not wonderful...? But he issssssssssssssssss wonderful, though!!!!!!!! So I don't knowwwwwwwwww.

Nah Points
  • Most of the adults in the books aren't the smartest. (Dumbledore is an exception. And Hagrid is kinda smart, too, I guess. XD)
  • Harry and his friends don't get punished (most of the time) for doing wrong stuff. They have an invisibility cloak, which is quite handy to use to get past teachers to get into trouble. And Harry has to lie to get out of a certain situation, which isn't the best thing ever. :/
  • There is one use of a swear word in the book. (Which I find to be odd in a middle-grade book.)
  • An adult is seen once looking like he has had too much to drink and is known for getting drunk at times. (I also find this to be odd for a book like this.)
  • Harry doesn't mature a ton in this book. But I think it's one of those series where it might not necessary focus on the growth of a character. And this is only the first book, so Harry will grow more in the rest of the series, anyway. XD
The Nah Points, to me, aren't that big of a deal. I wouldn't give this to a young reader, but that doesn't mean it's the worst book ever. :P If you still don't know if this is a good book or not, here's two links to other good sites for reviews. The fist one is for a site called Common Sense Media. And the second one is for Plugged In. I really don't think it's as evil as everyone makes it out to be!

To sum it up, I adored this book so much!!! Can I please have the next one already???! *wishes the second book would get to the library faster XD* Since I've read The Philosopher's Stone, I've been fangirling over it so much with both of my sisters. I can hardly wait to watch the movie this summer. <3

What are your thoughts on Harry Potter?


  1. (ack I'm falling behind!! XDD)

    Goodness this sounds so good :O I wanna read ittt XDD (Draco, the wonderful bully :D) Can't wait till I'll be able to read it!

    1. (Ack! So am I! XDD)

      Really? I hope you can read it sometime!!! >.< XD (*is fake protective* And, yes, Draco is my wonderful wittle bully. Don't judge! XD) Same!!!!!


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