Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vent Art

Hey faeries!

In case you don't know what vent art is, vent art is when you have a negative emotion and let it all out in drawing. 

A little while ago I was feeling pretty torn up inside about stuff, so I decided to try drawing vent art. 

I starting drawing some things and hated it, so I erased a few starts before settling down on this.

Drawing what I felt inside helped me. It calmed me down a bit.

And it also helped to just talk to God about what was on my mind. Even though, it doesn't always feel like He's actually listening and caring; He is. I know that if even if all we have to say to God is ranting and raving about life's problems and the unfairness of it all, He still wants us to come talk to Him about it. David in the Bible vented quite a bit to God.

Here's a Psalm where David vented a little. It's Psalm 42 from the Voice Bible translation; which is my favorite translation.

My soul is dry and thirsts for You, True God,
    as a deer thirsts for water.
I long for the True God who lives.
    When can I stand before Him and feel His comfort?
Right now I’m overwhelmed by my sorrow and pain;
    I can’t stop feasting on my tears.
People crowd around me and say,
    “Where is your True God whom you claim will save?
With a broken heart,
    I remember times before
When I was with Your people. Those were better days.
    I used to lead them happily into the True God’s house,
Singing with joy, shouting thanksgivings with abandon,
    joining the congregation in the celebration.
Why am I so overwrought?
    Why am I so disturbed?
Why can’t I just hope in God?
    Despite all my emotions, I will believe and praise the One
    who saves me and is my life.
My God, my soul is so traumatized;
    the only help is remembering You wherever I may be;
From the land of the Jordan to Hermon’s high place
    to Mount Mizar.
In the roar of Your waterfalls,
    ancient depths surge, calling out to the deep.
All Your waves break over me;
    am I drowning?
Yet in the light of day, the Eternal shows me His love.
    When night settles in and all is dark, He keeps me company—
    His soothing song, a prayerful melody to the True God of my life.
Even still, I will say to the True God, my rock and strength:
    “Why have You forgotten me?
Why must I live my life so depressed, crying endlessly
    while my enemies have the upper hand?”
10 My enemies taunt me.
    They shatter my soul the way a sword shatters a man’s bones.
They keep taunting all the day long,
    “Where is He, your True God?”
11 Why am I so overwrought,
    Why am I so disturbed?
Why can’t I just hope in God?
    Despite all my emotions, I will believe and praise the One
    who saves me, my God.

Where do you go when you're stressed?


  1. *hugs* I love that piece of art, and I also love that Psalm! <3333

  2. That's super pretty! My creative venting is usually music or writing - I wish I could draw. :D I love the way you dealt with this, though. It's beautiful!!

    1. Thank you! What do you usually write when you’re venting? Poems? Musical venting would be cool to hear (or totally horrible, I’m not sure which. I guess it would depend on whether you’re destroying the music or not.) XD

      Thank you very much! ^.^

  3. Om I love that Koolest :o That Psalm is amazing too!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I love that one, too. It has so much emotion in it!


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