Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swirl's Art Request!

Hey faeries!

Oh man, it rained yesterday, and now it actually looks like spring out there; instead of a dry fall! XDD A couple of my siblings and I are going to get ice cream today because its warming up outside! :P Woo! *does a little happy dance*

So! I finished the very last art request a couple of days ago. :O Swirl requested a chibi drawing of herself. :)

The hair didn't turn out quite what I had in mind... I was kinda picturing softer blending of the lighter hair with the darker hair. But, oh well, that didn't really happen. DX

Everything else, I think, went okay! Her pink hoodie totally reminds me of an old hoodie of my own. ;) You know what's funny? If I had made Swirl in the drawing have blond hair and blue eyes, it would have kinda looked like me. XDDD Which is a weird thought... :P So don't dwell on it too long. XD

I tried a different technique with the wrinkles on her pant legs, because I've seen that sometimes people's wrinkles in there pants after the knee kinda wrinkle upward, if that makes sense. But when I did it, it looked super wonky so I had to darker her pants under the knee and down so I could hide the wonkiness. >.< *crosses fingers* I hope it turned out okay even with the mess up.

I also drew tennis shoes in a style that I've never done before. I usually do Converse sneakers or something of that style. Fun Fact: Where I live, sneakers are often called runners. Don't ask me why. XD I looked up tennis shoes and used the first woman's shoe I saw and liked as a reference photo.

I've also never drawn glasses where the cross over the eyes before. I thought I'd make it look too old lady-ish if I did that, but my sis, Lost, convinced me otherwise. c: And, boy, I'm glad she did! The first pair of glasses I'd started to draw were super big ones that surrounded the whole eye. And... it looked uber nerdy. :P Not a terribly good nerdy, either. I showed Lost the first half of the glasses and she was like, "Ehhhhh." So I knew it looked pretty bad. XD Then, I used handy Google Images to find a chibi girl wearing glasses and used that as a reference picture. In the end, it turned out way better than it would have if Lost hadn't said "Ehhhhh." So thank you ever so kindly, sis, for telling me when the art I draw kinda sucks! XDD

*thinks a little* Hmm, I think that's all I have to say about the art for today! ;)

Thank you, Swirl, for requesting art from me! I had so much fun drawing it! ^.^ And you were super helpful when I wanted to ask questions and had to clarify things! *hugs* Thanks!!!!

And thank you to all of you who requested art!!!!! I enjoyed drawing all the art you asked for! ;D Thank you for being patient with me since it took me quite awhile to get started on drawing the requests.

Here is a list of all the posts in which the requested art showed up:

One last time, thanks for requesting art!


    That is so cute Koolest!!! I love how you did her hair and hoodie!!

  2. OH

    IT'S OUTSTANDING KOOLEST!! Wow, it really looks like me, too!! You've got some serious skills, missy, XD!
    I'm super grateful that you put in the time and effort to make this for me, and I hope you know how much I appreciate it! Thank you so much! ☺️

    ~ Swirlshine (on her phone, XD)

    1. XDD

      Aww, thanks, Swirl! *blushes* Oh, yay! I was hoping I was drawing you right! XD You do, too, Swirl! Your animals are amazing. :o

      It was a lot of fun! ;) And thank YOU for such a heartfelt comment! <3 It made my day. You are so welcome! C:



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