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Idea Game - Random Generator Edition

Heyo, faeries!!

So, I spent a few hours drawing yesterday and today for you. XD *says in threatening voice*You'd better be happy!!! Or else! Mwhahaha! *is so evil even if no one knows what would happen to them if they weren't happy so no one is really scared, at all*

Have you ever heard of a drawing game called the Idea Game? I learnt about it from this drawing book called Manga Crash Coursesuper helpful book. To play the game, you have three different categories of six items. The first category is personalities and the second one is occupations and the third one is magic/abilities. Then you grab a die and roll it. And the number you get goes for the first category. And the next time you roll, you roll to see what you get in the second category. You roll again for the third category.

I changed mine up a bit. XD My categories were simply: adjectives (sorta personalities too...), occupations, and, last but not least, pets.

And to make it super crazy, I went online to use random generators. I was slightly surprised to find those kind of generators for occupations and adjectives and pets. XD

In case you were wondering what my results were from the generators, I'll give you a list of all of them.

1. Energetic
2. Silent
3. Uppity
4. Bustling
5. Anxious
6. Enchanting

1. Zoologist
2. Computer Hardware Engineer
3. Architect
4. Reporter
5. Civil Engineer
6. Surveyor

1. Moose
2. Panda
3. Chameleon
4. Puppy
5. Llama
6. Eagle Owl (I'm not making this up! There is a kind of owl that is called an eagle owl... It's really just a big owl. XD)

Okie! Now, I will show what I was drawing! .

This was my first one. The words I got from rolling the die were enchanting zoologist with a pet puppy. XD I wasn't really trying hard at all to get the proportions right and didn't think the drawings needed a lot of details. Ahem! I wasn't sure how to make her "enchanting." So long hair and blush and a cute glow around her work! XD I was thinking of Animal Crossing when I colored the pink glow.

See? Happy pink glow!!! XD

The second rolling of the die I got silent computer hardware engineer with a pet moose. XD I had no idea what a computer hardware engineer looked like. I made him hold a laptop for the computer part and gave him a wrench thing in his back pocket for the hardware engineer part. C: XDDD 

Heh, my moose. He looks a little reindeer-ish. I think I was thinking of Sven... :P

Oh! And my little nerdy engineer is supposed to be shushing someone. Maybe his moose.

This is a bustling surveyor with a pet eagle owl. I didn't feel like drawing a land surveyor because that sounds a little boring... So I did a survey surveyor! XD I wanted him to look like he was in a rush so I made him walking and holding his clipboard and pencil in one hand and Starbucks coffee in another. :) Why do I feel like he just spotted his next victim to take his survey? XDDD 

His owl was supposed to be bigger. But... that didn't happen. XD

I drew a uppity architect with a pet panda. Hmm, not sure if she really that uppity looking but whatever! I'm happy with it! XDD I figured all architects wear suits, right? :P And pouty lips is a little uppity, no? And architects totally carry their plans with everywhere. *nods seriously* Mhm, I know my snuff. XD 

*talks in baby talk* Do you like me pandaaaaaaaaa? It's su coot, yesssssss? XD I think its my favorite pet I drew. :D 

- - -
So! That was my drawings from the Idea Game - Random Generator Edition. Whatcha think? I feel like this game would be helpful if you just felt like drawing but don't know what. :) You can play this game with friends or just by yourself. :)

I know I had lots of fun and will definitely do this random generator thing again. XD

- - -

And just to let y'all know! I replied to all the comments I said I was going to this week! Yay! Aren't you happy? :D XD :P

What kinds of drawing games have you played? 

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  1. YAY ART! *admires are for 10 hours*


    2. Om he looks so nerdyish XDD And his moose is cute!!!
    Maybe someone saw him bring the moose to work.. and he was telling them not to tell anyone..


    4. *Is for some random reason reminded of Ava Paige from TMR* WHY DOES THAT REMIND ME OF HER

    Awesome post and art AS USUALLLL :D


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