Saturday, April 14, 2018

Random Art and Art Request Not Done as I Promised it Would Be (sorry about that!) and New Posting Schedule!

*hums to song I'm listening to* 


*foot bounces to the tune* 


*fingers start tapping to the melody*


*sways a little*


*starts danc-*

Okay! I need to stop! XD 

Ahem. I am completely calm. 

*looks away innocently*

Whaaaat? I did not have coffee before writing this post. Heh, heh, why would you think THAT? It's not like I'm acting hyper again! Nope, no way! This girly is not crazy, at allllllllll. *laughs weirdly then coughs because it looks like I'm hyper if I laugh like that and I'm trying to convince you guys I did not drink coffee but is failing so miserably that I break down with plenty of tears and snot and confess that I did indeed drink a cup of coffee and then I beg for forgiveness and promise never to touch that drink again, but we all know that I can't resist a good cup of java and will go back to my old ways in a blink of an eye* 

OM. I'm so, so weird. XD Ignore that crazy intro. :P

You guys remember me drawing the Korok, Makar? Well, this is one of his friends named Hollo. I felt like drawing one more of these little guys. And I have to say, I think this guy turned out better than Makar. D: #Oops. #IshouldhaveshownyouhowtodrawHolloinsteadofMakarbecausethenyouwouldknowhowtodrawthebetteronenottheuglierone :P (If anyone can tell what the loooooonnnnngggg hashtag says, then you get a gold star! XD)

Hollo is like a lot of other Koroks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game in the fact that he carries two sticks with berries of some sort on them. But I didn't draw Hollo from BOTW; he is technically from Wind Waker. 

*looks at the picture some more and shakes head a little* Hollo has such a strange nose. XDDD But that's how it looks like in the game, so *shrugs* oh well. :P He'll just have to deal with having a very pointy nose... Annnnnd eyes that are different sizes and a funny mouth/chin thingabob???? XDD

I finished coloring my picture of some of Draco's emotions. :D I really, really like the neutral expression. XD I don't know why, but that's my favorite of all the faces I drew on here. ^.^ 

In case you were wondering, when I color his sweater that he wears over the collared shirt, I color it first with a regular black pencil. And the colored pencil I have likes leaving little white spots everywhere unless you color über hard, so I then color it over with my white pencil. 

(Fun Fact: for the longest time I had no idea what the use of a white colored pencil was, but recently-ish I found it is quite handy for blending colors. It kinda smooths them out, if that makes sense. XD Also I have no idea if I have told you all about the white pencil thing before, so sorry if I have!

And then, once I finished coloring all sweater with white, I use another black I have that colors denser than my first black. I shade it with the denser black colored pencil. (The denser black colored pencil is a Prismacolor brand pencil and the other colored pencils I use all the time are of the Staedtler brand.)

- - -

I'm so so so sorry! I promised last week that I would have maybe two art requests done by this week. And-and-and- *bursts into tears* I DIDN'T. I don't. I haven't. I should've. I could've. And *insert all the others words for I lied and didn't do what I promised.* DX

I'm very sorry I didn't get the first one done. I'm super close, though. I have, like, less than half of the picture to color...?

So instead of being able to post the fully colored art request from Sarah (she was the first one to ask for art, and I'm doing a first come, first served kind of thing), I'll show you all a sneak peek of what I've colored so far!

What do you think so far? After I had inked it... I realized I forgot an important detail to Sarah's request. :1 She's supposed to have a cloak. 

And I didn't add it. 


I feel like I'm saying sorry a lot in this post. I'm terribly, terribly sorry, Sarah!!!! I hope you can forgive me... :( I'll try my hardest to make the rest of the coloring make up for that. 

- - -

You're all probably wondering why the ham and eggs would I want a new posting schedule. The reason is... with this new schedule, I'll be posting more frequently and there will be more art spread through out; instead of having an art dump every couple of weeks. I want to share my art with you more. :) 

So! My schedule will be posting every other Saturday instead of each Saturday. No! Don't worry! I'm not finished telling you my whole new schedule yet. And I'll post on every Monday and Thursday! Those two extra post will be a lot shorter because I'll just be posting one piece of art I've done recently, but it won't mean less content for my blog. 

I hope this is okay with you! I really feel like this help me show you more art, which I want to do so badly. If this new schedule is not working for me in the next couple months, I'll switch back to my old one. But starting this week, I'll start the new schedule. :) I'm rather excited! XD

See you on Monday, faeries!!!

*bursts into song*

♫I guess I'm stuck here,

Until my luck clears,

Blue skies painted in my eyes!♫

*wants to keep going but holds back because that would be weird if I sang a whole song on my blog*

*mumbles* I'm. Still. Completely. Normal. 

Heh! Who am I kidding? ♫I'm an oddity but that's alright!

What's your thoughts on my new schedule? 



    Dracoooo (you should draw him with a tacoooooo cause it ryhmes :D) <3 <3 <3 I like the neutral as well!

    (Oh wow, I did NOT know that XDD That should help though! All this time I thought white pencils were useless XDD)

    *grabs fiji water*
    *chugs it down*

    DO NOTTTT WORRY ABOUT FORGETTING THE CLOAK! ITS COMPLETELY FINE!! DO NOT FEELBAD/GUILTY! (I think I'll faint when I see it when its finished tbh)

    *breaths sigh of relief*

    (Let me fly, and follow my dreams)

  2. Thanks! :3

    Hahahaha! (Since when does Draco rhyme with taco? XDD Like it kinda rhymes, I guess. :P) Wait. You did three hearts after you talked about Draco...! Does that mean you actually like him???! Or were the hearts for the tacos. :( XDD

    IKR WHITE PENCILS SEEMED TOTALLY USELESS UNTIL YOU USE EM FOR BLENDING. XDD I tried useing white colored pencils as a kid and I just colored with them on a uncolored spot on my paper and thought white pencils were dumb because the only difference it made on the paper was making it shiny. XDDD


    Whew, I seriously felt so bad when I realized I hadn’t drawn the cloak. XD but thanks for being okay with it not being there. ^.^

    Aww! Thanks!!! Your comments always make my day! Thanks for always commenting, Sarah! <3

    (Yay! OC reference!)


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