Monday, April 23, 2018

Vyntyri - art request

Hey faeries!

I hope you're happy! 'Cause I'm happy! I've finished another art request and I have another one almost done. ;)

Today's art request was from Tracey, my older sister. She wanted me to draw on of her OCs, an evil fairy lady named Vyntyri. 

Tracey was very kind to me and answered my questions and gave lots of reference pictures for how her character was supposed to look like. So thanks, sis, for the pictures and putting up with my constant questions! XD

I tried a little something different with how I colored her. Normally, I color lightest to darkest with shading and stuff. But this time, I colored the darkest parts first. I'm not sure if it really changed a whole lot with how it turned out in the end; but I think I like it. XDD

I was thinking of the way Greek goddesses dress or how I picture how the way goddesses dress when I drew Tracey's character. Egyptian outfits might have been floating around my head, too. XDD Even though, I don't think Egyptian princesses dress that way. :P And I was also thinking of elfin clothes. So basically, I thought of a lot of random things and smushed them together in one drawing. XDD   

I added purple shading to Vyntyri's hair. And when I first colored it in, it was waaaaaay too bright. Made her look like a punk rocker or something. So I erased all of her hair lightly and then colored over with a pale gray again. You can still see the purple but it's not in your face anymore; which was how I wanted it to be.

I also don't really have that many skin tone colors in my set of colored pencils. I have this brown I like to use for shading skin in my drawings, so I used that as the first layer of color for Vyntyri's skin on my picture. It turned out really red-ish brown, so I erased it most of it, but kept a little so you could still see it. Then I colored it over the second time with my peach skin tone colored pencil. After that, I was happy with the skin tone color. XD

Vyntyri is way older than a teenager (which is the age I normally draw :P) so I tried to make her older looking. I think the way I shaped her eyes makes her look older, but I'm not entirely sure. What do you guys think? XD

Thanks again, Tracey, for requesting art! It was quite a fun request to draw; I've never drawn someone looking that before. And I love drawing new things all the time. XD

I have three more art requests left! I should have them all finished by next week Thursday. :D


  1. AWESOME :O I really love how you did her dress! :o
    (And I can't wait to see how the other requests turn out!)

  2. IT'S SO GORGEOUS AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTTT!!!! Thanks again, Chloe! And I absolutely did not mind all the questions. (You made me realize just how many details about Vyntyri I don't know. XD)

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'M REALLY HAPPY YOU LIKE IT. XD You are so welcome! It was fun. Whew, I was hoping you wouldn't mind. XDD (Haha! Yeah, I remember you telling me that. XDDD)


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