Thursday, April 26, 2018

Art Request Number Three Is Done!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The weekend is coming!

And. That. Means. No. School! 

Hallelujah! XD  

My brother, Josiah, requested chibi artwork of one of his favorite characters in the game called Undertale. The character is called Undyne. She's pretty cool sounding to me! I haven't seen or played the whole game so I don't know everything about her character, but what I've heard or seen is neat. ^.^ 

Undyne, I believe is named after water spirits called undines. So that's the reason she has gills and blue skin. XD

I colored this picture with my artist markers and I messed it up a little. DX There isn't supposed to be the line connecting her eye and eye patch... That happened because I accidentally went over that place twice with my markers and doing so left a very clear mark. It's nice for shading when it shows up so vividly that you colored twice in an area; but it's not good if you color messily. Like, *cough, cough* I did. :P

Another little mishap was that one of my markers leaked on the white background of my drawing. So instead of having a just plain white background behind Undyne, I had to improvise and add a pattern of the turquoise dots in the background. :P Tracey gave me the idea to improvise. I think it ended up being better with the pattern than without, actually. c: 

I had quite a lot of fun drawing Undyne's hair, because I loving drawing blowing hair and bangs like that! XD And I don't think I've drawn gills on a person before so that was a lovely new concept for me. :)

Josiah, thanks so much for asking for this art request! Makes me want to draw more Undertale characters. ^.^ I hope I wasn't bothersome when I showed my drawing so many times to make sure I got it right. XDD

Welp, that's all I got for you faeries today! ^.^ So... yeah. :P 

Have you heard of Undertale before? If so, what do you think of it?


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