Saturday, April 28, 2018

Oodles of Doodles - Chalk Style

Do you ever want to go do the things you did as a child? Well, I felt like doing that last week. XD

It was really nice outside and my dad was working out in the garage and the driveway area; so I wanted to be with him. And not really wanting to just stand there and watch him work, I grabbed my family's old box of chalk pieces. I started to draw and draw.

It was really fun, actually! I hadn't drawn with chalk in years. :P It's a very different medium to work with. But I think I'll do it more this summer. XD

My lovely sister, Lostfairy, took the photos of my chalk drawings so I could show you on here. Thanks, sis! <3

This first picture is one I drew of some lyrics to one of my favorite songs! It sounds so poetic: "Blue skies painted in my eyes." (You can't really read the words I wrote that has the white background, but whatever. XD I was just trying things out and not caring about perfection. )

This is quote I like to quote a lot in real life. XD I'm random that way; I like quoting certain people for some reason. (In case you can't read what it says, it says, "Must be nice.")

I'm not terrible good at handwriting... But I tried it out with writing the word loved in the phrase you are loved. XD 

This is two little drawings in one picture. XD

The first one, I was kind of thinking of Peter Pan and Wendy... :P Like Wendy would be saying, "Teach me how to fly!" to Peter. And it'd be adorable and stuff. XDD I don't know for sure why my brain went that way but it did. :P

The second one is the way a book series, called Septimus Heap, writes the word magic. I was reading or had just finished reading one of the books in that series when I drew that. :)

This again has two pieces of art in a picture. ^.^

The top one you can't read what it says next to the dandelion but it says, "A dream is a wish your heart makes." You know, like from the old Disney Cinderella movie. I think my dandelion was the best artwork I did that day with chalk. I really like the way everything turned out. XD I think I'll redraw something like that on Chicken Smoothie someday. :)

The bottom one is me trying out what Lost pointed out about the way some artist shade clouds and what I noticed my oldest sis do once for shading the sun. XDD I think it would work better online or on paper; not with chalk. :P

- - -

I'm super happy! My art requests are getting done in time to post them next week! <3 I can't wait to show you!!! Lostfairy's is already done, and Swirl's will probably be done sometime tomorrow! :D 

What's some of your favorite childhood activities? 


  1. Woah :O I really really like the dandelion one!! Its so pretty! :D


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