Monday, August 13, 2018

Profiles - Oodles of Doodles

Hello, faeries!

I've sorta recently started a new doodle notebook/kinda sketchbook thing. XD I've been doing lots of profiles of random people. It's super fun to draw a profile because:

  1. It's just shoulders and up. 
  2. You get to focus on the face and hair.
  3. It's just fun, in general. XD
And it's nice to not have the pressure of making it look perfect because it's just a doodle.

I feel like showing you guys what my notebook looks like. I got for Christmas like... two(?) years ago. XDD I'm slow at actually using my gifts that I get. :P

Isn't it really pretty? XDDDD I really like the saying on it. :3


*takes deep breath* Okay, now on to the more interesting stuff. Art! :O 

This is the second entry in the notebook. (*whispers* First one was a little title/introduction page and is rather boring. So I'm not posting it. XD) This drawing is me trying to draw a whimsical girl. I was just trying different techniques for her eyes and stuff. :P 

*glares at drawing* The shirt looks like I was inspired my Barbie Fairytopia. *does a slow face palm* XDD

After drawing the pink haired girl I still wanted to draw but I didn't know what. So I asked Lostfairy if she had any requests. She told me I should draw Black Gryph0n/Gabriel Brown. 

So I did. XD 

I didn't have anyyyyyyyyyyyy reference photos. Uh, yeah, that's probably why it doesn't really look like him. Actually, on second thought! Reference photos of Gabe haven't helped me before so, I don't know what happened here! XDD

Okay, quick story! I drew a few of these doodles at family friend's house. And one of the boys there saw me coloring Gabe. And he asked if I did that just now. I told him yes. And (I think???) I handed him my notebook or I flipped the page to the next blank page. And he was, like, "Woah! You drew this yourself? I thought it was a coloring book!!!! :OOO" I'm like "Whut. da. heck...? @.@ Does this drawing look like a coloring page to you??! What coloring book would have manga profiles to color in?!!" XD I didn't actually say that to him but I thought it. :P In reality, I laughed politely and told I had drawn it. >.< 

Ahem! Anyway! XD

Next, I drew a vampire. Yup. I drew a vampire. Now I'm one of those kind of people... XD Just kidding!

I don't know why I drew a vampire, to be honest. XD *shrugs* Just felt like it. :P She's kinda cutesy vampire that wouldn't do much harm. ^.^

*talks in derpy voice and smiles a funny small smile* I attempted to draw a map. c: It didn't work out so well. :3 XDD

This is a vent doodle. I drew the hand wayyyy too small and pointy looking. So I made it into a robot hand and then gave the girl metal plating and stuff. XD So she started out being a normal girl and then turned into a homeless looking cyborg. XD Yup, cause, heck, that makes sense! O.O XDD


Lost requested this art, too. It's the stage of Zuko where his hair is growing out and it's really cute. It makes him look way younger. (Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to draw Zuko's hair! O.O Usually my short haircuts on guys look funny. But this time it turned out really really good! XD) 

Another day, I was bored and wanted to draw something, so Swirlshine got to request art from me. And she asked for a human version of her dog, Beauty. 

I like incorporating the animal details to the girl I drew. (I'm totally going to draw a lot more furries/shape-shifters now!)

Anddd, because I like sneak peeks and WIPs of art, I'm posting a WIP of a doodle I'm working on.

I'm drawing my new favorite Animal Crossing characters as humans. XD

- - -

On a side note, because this post was so long and had a ton of art pieces, I might do a really short post on Thursday or none at all. I just thought I'd let you know. :)

What's your favorite Nintendo game to play? Right now, Animal Crossing New Leaf is my favorite. ;) 

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fear - a poem

Hey guys! I know, it's been forever since I've posted. And I'm sorry about that. >.< I'm still drawing and stuff, its just most of it is not for the blog, so yeah. XD

I'm not posting art today; I felt like I needed to share this poem I created awhile back. I hope you enjoy it!

And I hope you know that, no matter how much fear seems to over take you, God's love is bigger, far bigger. Lean into His love and rest. Let the fear drop.

- - -

All this fear I feel, 
I can't breathe, 
I can't speak, 
it's too much.

It's a weight, 
It's hard,
It's cold,
It's cruel.

My stomach knots,
My breath catches, 
My pulse quickens, 
My heart pounds.

This fear I feel, 
I need to let it go.
I need help, 
Help me. 

My hand opens,
And fear, 
Fear spirals down, down, down.

All that fear I felt,
I can breathe, 
The weight is gone, 
I'm not scared anymore.
I'm not scared.

I can live.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

How I Draw Hair and More

Hey faeries!

I wanted to show you how I draw hair. It's not going to be a step-by-step... because I don't have a clear way of doing it. Maybe I'll think of a way someday. XD

Since I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a "how I draw hair" post or just "how I draw" in general, I took a bunch of pictures. So this post is going to be mostly pictures and not words. >.<

As always, I started with a circle. It's okay if it's not perfect, no one is going to see it anyway once it's finished. XD

I don't normally do this, but this time I drew a line in the middle of the face and a bit further to measure how long I wanted the chin to be.  

Remember girls have rounder/softer looking faces than guys do. And I'm drawing a girl, by the way. XD

Then I added shoulders and neck. Again, this is a rough base so it's okay if it is messy. :)

Drew the ears. Ears should be placed closer to jaw line, but not actually touching it. (I could be wrong here, I just normally do what I think looks right! Heh heh. :P)

Then I drew a simple hairline to go off of.  I struggle a little with hairlines sometimes. They matter more than I used to think. Depending on who you are drawing, if you get everything right but mess up on their hairline it won't look quite like who you were drawing. DX But don't stress about it! XDDD

Then I drew the basic hair outline. I'm drawing a curly haired girl, so I wanted to give her hair lots of body. I like adding a few strands at the end that curl in their own directions, I feel like it gives more character. (Sometimes I add strands of hair curling outward higher up in the hair, but I didn't this time.)

Then I drew the hair on the left side under her ear. In this artwork, I wanted to try drawing a girl with only one side of her hair over a shoulder, and I think I'm liking the way it turned out. :D

Then I added the bangs thing. XD I'm trying to see if I can draw them so they look like the stick off her forehead a little. (Does that make any sense? I guess I want it to look a little like the Little Mermaid's bangs, but not? XD Can't think of any way else to describe it, so. *shrugs*

Next, I shaded the hair. (I don't do that first usually. Most of the time, I fill in the main color of the hair and then shade. But this time I did differently, and I really liked it! <3 XD)

Then I shaded the bangs and left side. Another thing I did differently in this artwork, was making the shading have strands. You don't have to shade hair this way, you can just do simpler shapes...? I don't really know how to describe it. XD Like you ditch all the strandy things I did and do the main shaded areas.

I filled in the basic color I wanted for the girl's hair. And I smoothed the shaded parts into smaller points and stuff. 

The shiny parts are similar to the shaded ones, they're just in different locations. (I didn't add shinier areas for a long time in drawings, only recently have I done that; so if you don't feel comfortable doing that yet, you don't have to. It's helpfully to see where other people do it in drawings or look at your own hair and other people's hair in real life.)  

Then I shaded the girl's skin. 

This is my first time adding shinier areas to skin, so I'm not sure if it is anywhere near accurate. 

After that, I colored in the main skin tone.

And I kinda stopped taking pictures of each step of my drawing with the details. Because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the face the way I had going on, so yeah. 

I haven't done lips and noses like that before, but I think I like it...? XD

I didn't want to rush the end of this drawing so I don't have it done yet. But, when it is finished, I will post a picture of it!

Am I the only one that thinks this drawing somehow looks like a cross between a Splatoon character and Zendaya?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Random Post of Artsy Stuff

Hello everyone! I'm Koolestkat, also known as Chloe Grace. ;) (I've been watching too many Black Gryph0n videos.)

Soooo, since I've been a lazy person and slacked off. I don't have enough art to show you today from the art challenge. XD And being the genius that I am (not) I thought I'd do a post about random pictures of artsy things I've been wanting to post. XD

So! On to the randomness! 

My friend recently graduated from high school and I wanted to make her a little something so I made a card for her. 

Yeah, that's what I made. Card making isn't my favorite thing to do, to be honest. But I enjoyed myself doing this. XD I looked up a font online and then I drew it on a blank piece of paper that was already cut to size. I gone over to family friend years ago and she had taught me how to make pretty cards when I was there. So I used tips she had given me then while making this card. :)

And because I'm weird, I like drawing on my hand. (A lot. That's probably not the best habit but I don't care too much. XDD) I like practicing different fonts and my hand is a wonderful canvas. :P 

Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan. So I wrote Muggle on my hand. (That means a person who doesn't have magical powers. So like you and I are muggles.)

I've been listening to IMmortal by Black Gryph0n and Baasik. And one of the songs is called Crusader (Are We There Yet), so I drew the chorus on my palm.

Do you have any odd habits?

Monday, July 23, 2018

Favorite Food / Weapon of Their Choice / With Glasses - 30 Drawings Challenge

Hey faeries! It's another Monday, so that means it's another post. XD

I got some more drawing challenge pictures to show you. ;)

The challenge for this one was to draw someone eating their favorite food. I thought of Barry Allen from The Flash. He loves to eat pizza. XD So I drew him looking very much in love with his pizza. 

I had to look up chibi people eating something to figure out how to draw a mouth that looked it was actually full. XD When I first drew the mouth, I starting laughing because it looked so ridiculous and silly. I'm not used to drawing faces like this. :P And I looked at how people drew the hand positions for holding pizza, too.

This is also the first time using markers with my "new" sketchbook. It went surprisingly well! :D 

Do you recognize this from my sneak peek a little while ago??! XD 

The next challenge was to draw someone with their weapon or the weapon of their choice. I choose to draw Doctor Alchemy from The Flash. (Don't look him up unless you want spoilers!!!) I love the creepiness of this villain in the show. His plague doctor's mask is awesome! And he has this cool, glowy stone that he using as a weapon. It's epic. 

Here's a picture of what Alchemy looks like in the show. :3

Doesn't he look creepy? XD

Then, the drawing prompt was to draw someone with or without glasses, depending if they had them or not. I drew Black Gryph0n, because why not? XD And he doesn't wear glasses, so *shrugs*. 

Black Gryph0n, I feel like, wears a lot of polo shirts, so I drew him in one. And just to make it look little more like him, I added his symbol on the shirt. To be honest, Black Gryp0n in my drawing looks more like a kpop member than an American. XDDD Oops. >.<

Also, I tried giving him a little shine on his hair but that didn't work so I tried to cover it. Again, that didn't work. XDD Oh, well!

See you all on Thursday!

What's your favorite food?

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Formal Wear / 15 Minute Sketch / Casual Wear - 30 Drawings Challenge

Hello, hello! ;)

I thought, since I'm drawing so much lately, I should post more than one picture per post this month. So today's post has three pieces of art! 

The next prompt was to draw someone in formal wear. XD I chose to draw Mettaton (from Undertale). I had this model-ish pose in mind I wanted to draw and I could not, for the life of me, find a reference photo for how to draw the head and neck and shoulders the way I wanted it to be. XD So, eh, it turned out a little wonky. XDD I haven't drawn that many side profiles, so that was a challenge for me. And I have to work on shading people's limbs and stuff to give the picture depth. :P

I made up the outfit from what I have seen other anime guys wear and real people. But I didn't have a reference picture up while I was drawing. 

Then, the drawing prompt was to draw a 15 minute sketch. Now, that was an intense 15 minutes. XD The person I chose to draw was, of course, Draco. I've drawn him so many times that makes it easier to draw faster.

*laughs a little* There's so many things I didn't have time to do. XD Like, shading skin or signing my name on it.

Also, I feel like a lot of people I show this to mention that he looks so grumpy. XD *is protective* Draco's just had a hard life! Be nice! You'd be grumpy too if you were in his shoes! AND EVERYONE CALLS HIM STUPID. LIKE, HECK. NOW THAT'S ROOD.

Ahem. I'm not crazy.

Now, it's casual wear. XD 

Um, welp. I trieddddddd to draw a dog on his lap. And... um. It's looks like a brown colored lump, to be honest. XD

There was another little mishap. This was the first drawing in my new sketchbook. And the sketchbook doesn't work with colored pencils cuz it leaves little white dots EVERYWHERE. So. *frowns at sketchbook* Humph. (The next drawing I did in that sketchbook I colored it with markers and it works much better! XD)

Other than the mistakes, I think I like how this drawing turned out...? XD *looks at drawing again and nods head* Yup. I think I like it. XD (Although on this picture I took of the drawing you can barely tell I gave the guy stubble. XDD Oops. :P)

Okay, that's all I have for you shanks today.

Remember WICKED is good! (Not!) (Why am I using Maze Runner terms??)

Do you ever use random terms or references from books just because you like them? XD *whispers* I do. All the buggin' time.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Introduction - 30 Drawings Challenge

Hey faeries! :D

This is my first drawing from the drawing challenge. (Lostfairy and I changed up the rules a little for the challenge. Instead of drawing one piece of art each day, we are going to draw as much as we feel like doing and if we don't finish the art in one day that's okay. So the name of the challenge doesn't make sense anymore to be 30 Day Drawing Challenge. 30 Drawings Challenge is better. XD)

The first drawing prompt was to draw an introduction. I don't have an original character to introduce so I drew myself. XD 

Hopefully, you can read what it says on my picture. Let me know if you can't and I'll make a comment or something with what it says. XD 

I drew myself wearing one of my favorite outfits. XD I can't wear my hoodie as much in the summer 'cause it's too hot. But it's still one of my favorite clothing items. ^.^

I'll be posting more of the drawings I did for the challenge slowly. The first few are going to be done with colored pencils, mostly, but soon it'll change over to just markers because I using a new sketchbook that doesn't go with color pencils. DX XD 

Welp, I hope you guys liked learning a little more about me. And I'll you all Thursday! 

Do we have anything in common? XD