Monday, November 12, 2018

Inktober - Week 5 (last week!)

Hey there!

Oops! Didn't mean to take so long in writing this post. I don't really remember any little stories to go with my art so this post is gonna be short.

Day 28: gift

This is me and my sister, Lostfairy, (I'm on the shorter one on the right) receiving gifts from our online friends that live far away. Also, the Korean words on the bottom say, "From one friend to another."

Day 29: double

Me and Lost often dress the same, so here we are wearing our Star Labs sweatshirts. (I tried drawing myself doing a finger heart but it didn't turn out quite right.)

Day 30: jolt

Have you ever heard of the game, Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion? Well, me and Lost and my bro, Josiah, like to play it in the dark. And every time there's jumpscare, we all scream (or, in Josiah's case, yell) and flinch back. I usually clutch my heart, Lost puts her hands to her face, and Josiah just, uhh, flinches? XD

From left to right: Lost, Josiah, and then me. (And that's an Acer laptop in front of us.)

Day 31: slice

This is the last drawing I did for Inktober and it just so happens to be the last page in my sketchbook. (Fitting, right?) For the prompt "slice," I drew a slice of my life. I drew my family and a few of my friends. In my sketchbook, I have the names for all the people written in the little boxes, but for privacy reasons, I whited it out for posting online.

It actually turned out a lot like the friendship quilts on AJ. XD

- - -

Well, Inktober was super fun and busy. I'm really happy that I could finish it. I'm not sure if it's something I'm going to be doing next year. I guess we'll just have to see what happens! XD

I've missed so many Tales of the Month posts, so I might do a quick recap post sometime soon and then go back to doing normal ones.

What's your favorite Inktober prompt?

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inktober - Week 4

Yikes, can someone please tell me how four weeks past in flash? Seriously, this month is just rushing by.  >.<

I was worried I wouldn't know what to draw after Inktober, but thankfully, me and my sister, Lostfairy, have thought of tons of EXO drawing ideas to draw. (EXO as fairytale characters, anyone?) XDD So be prepared for an EXO overload next month. 

Day 21: drain

Gosh, Skyward Sword Link is probably one of my favorite Links ever. XD His character arc and personality and, not to mention, his design is incredible. If you haven't played SS yet, you should totally consider it. XD

I had so much fun drawing a silly, exaggerated expression on Link. One of the reasons why I like doing those kinds of faces is 'cause if you mess up a bit, no one can tell because the expression is so goofy anyway. XDD 

Day 22: expensive

METTATON!!!!!!! *does jazz hands* Don't you just love the new million dollar boots he bought? XD 

I had so much fun drawing this picture. The boots were a bit hard to draw, and I didn't get everything to look like I wanted it to, but I still like the way it looks. XD

Day 23: muddy

I love playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have a neighbor in my town that I like to draw. I've come up with my own design based on his look in AC. So this drawing is of me and my neighbor, Julian the unicorn. 

The writing on the bottom of the picture means rain in Korean. XD

Day 24: chop

The Neighbor from Hello Neighbor never has an axe, but I wouldn't put it past him. 

His face was so hard to draw, and I'm still not happy with it. XD I wasn't really in a drawing mood that day, heh. 

Day 25: prickly

I'm happy with this drawing. Have I ever told you that I love drawing creepy things? XD Seriously, its so fun. 

Alice's dress took ages to fill in. XD But I think it was worth the time it took. And I like the dramatic solid black ink on her arms and neck. 

Day 26: stretch

Okay, yeah, no, I don't know how to draw someone stretching. 

This is the first time I've drawn a Splatoon Inkling. It was rather interesting to draw tentacles, instead of hair. 

Day 27: thunder 

I know thunder isn't lightning, but they go hand in hand, no? XD 

I love Pit's design, but I messed up a few details. XDD I also drew Pit looking a little older than thirteen.

So far, I think this is my favorite drawing. XD 

- - -

I can't believe I'm on the last week!!!!! It's crazy~!!!!!! (Also, do you like my new backdrop for my art pictures? My family got a new table so now I have to take pictures on there, instead of the old one.)

What are you going to be doing in November?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Inktober - Week 3

Hi faeries!!! :D

Sorry this is late! >.<

I can't believe I've done three full weeks of Inktober. I'm enjoying it way more than I thought I would. C: Like, I'm almost sad it's ending soon. DX

For the third week, the theme I was doing was fairy tales and classics. I based quite a number of my drawings from Disney characters, but added my own twist on them. 

Day 14: clock

Yehet! I finally drew a chibi person in a more squishy style. Before this, the chibis I drew became too long and slender to be actual chibi. >.< I think the reason why that happened because I wanted to proportion them right or something. XD 

I had to look up how to draw chibi bodies or something and I saw a really helpful base, but I can't seem to find it again. So I can't show you even if I wanted to. XDD 

I started using gray markers in Inktober art, too. They're super fun to use. ^-^

I don't do backgrounds a lot, but I tried to do one in this Cinderella drawing. It was supposed to be more abstract and maybe even dream-like, but I'm not sure if it just ended up being strange. XD 

Day 15: weak

I drew Cowardly Lion as a human, furry, shape-shifter thing. (Please, someone, tell me, what he is. XD 'Cause I have no idea what to call him.) Sadly, his ears blend into his hair a bit. Whoops. 

It was fun to draw such a scared expression and add the sweat drop to express his nervousness. 

Cowardly Lion in the movie always plays with his tail when he's scared, so I wanted to have my version doing it, too. The hand pose was easier than I thought it would be, but I know it isn't entirely accurate.  

Day 16: angular

Angular also means stiff. I think the Steadfast Tin Soldier is pretty stiff. :P The Tin Soldier is missing one of his legs from just above the knee and down, by the way.

I recently watched Fantasia 2000 for the first time. And I was so inspired by the Tin Soldier animation in there, that I drew my own twist on it. 

I had to use a reference photo for drawing the two side profiles.

Day 17: swollen 

Alice from Alice and Wonderland growing bigger isn't really swollen, but that's all I could think of for this prompt. XD

The angle I tried (and failed) to draw was a upward one, so like looking up at her. I've never done that before, so maybe it isn't too bad for a first, but stillllll. The drawing wasn't how I wanted it to be. 

Gosh, though, those clouds were so fun to draw. XD

Day 18: bottle

Eep, this was such an enjoyable prompt to draw!!!! XD 

Tinkerbell is one of my favorite characters in Peter Pan classic. (Okay, I love all the characters, but who can blame me? They're all so lovable.) 

Can you tell that I love abstract backgrounds and swirls and stars and sparkles? XD Seriously, they are so fun to draw. And I like the look of them.

Day 19: scorched

Heh, too bad I'm not doing the book theme anymore. Scorch Trials vibes, anyone? XD

I thought Smaug was kinda scorched-able, right? Heh. XD And since I'm drawing only humans for Inktober, I made Smaug a man. A ruthless businessman. *wiggles eyebrows* Because all ruthless businessmen hold hearts, yes? That's a perfectly normal activity. CX

I spent a lot of time coloring this drawing. I wanted to get the lighting right on his suit so it would like he was very near a light source. The light source being his fiery wings I "tried" to draw. XD

Day 20: breakable

This is my own Evil Queen, I was slightly (okay, a lot) inspired by Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen. XD 

I had fun drawing all those swirls for the fog/smoke thing. I looked up cracked mirrors to get an idea of how to draw them, and then I went crazy with the cracked mirror. XD

She didn't end up looking as cruel as wanted her to look, but I suppose that will have to be okay. XD I tried a new thing for me, by making her eyes shadowed on the bottom, instead of the top. I'm not sure if it looks good in my style, I'll have to try that technique again sometime and see how it looks then. 

- - -

Gosh, I started writing this post on Monday and I'm only posting it now on Thursday. Sorry about that!! It's almost time to post this week's art, heh. XD

Do you have a favorite type of background in art? Abstract, realistic, or something else?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Inktober - Week 2

Hey there, faeries!!!

Whoops, didn't mean for this to be posted a day late. XD I just drew the Saturday's artwork wayyyy later than usual, and then I wanted to hang out with my sisters. XD So, yeah, in the end, I didn't get on the computer to write. :P

ALSO, ON A SUPER HAPPY NOTE. I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST ON THURSDAY. (Yikes, I was so tense and nervous that morning.) YAYYYYYYYYYY. 




Day 7: exhausted.

This week's theme for me is books I think should be more popular. 

For day 7, I drew Serge from Disenchanted. He is my wonderful fancy fairy bae. And, sadly, he's exhausted a lot of the time. DX 

Also, I can't draw stellar wingtip shoes. Don't look at his feet, they are ugly. XD

Day 8: star.

This is from Lunar Chronicles, which I know is pretty popular, but it could use even more love. XD I drew Cress, cuz I thought stars and her match pretty well. C:

Never mind, *throws hands up in defeat* I don't know how to draw wingtips or bare feet. XD Cress's feet are kinda weird looking. Heh. (By the way, Cress's dress is supposed to be well worn, but I don't think it worked out so good when I drew it.)

Day 9: precious.

A Pocket Full of Murder is such a beautifully written book. Isaveth, the main character, finds paper, even if its just a bit of it, super precious. (She likes to write stories on those bits of paper. CX)

Heh, I seem to be drawing things I don't how to a lot. Now, I've drawn a bike, and I have no clue how to draw that. XD I had to look at the cover of A Pocket Full of Murder, which has a bike on it, to even get it slightly right.

Day 10: flowing.

Jack Blank is an awesome series. It has superheros, ninjas, and androids and a bunch more cool stuff. 

The girl I drew is a character called Allegra. She has this power where she can change her body's density and shape and stuff. In my drawing, I tried to make it look like she was opening a hole in her stomach to avoid the laser thing shooting at her. But it ended up looking way grosser than I intended. XD

Day 11: cruel. 

Now I've drawn Hook from Everland, a Peter Pan retelling. It's a really awesome steampunk book. <3 Hook is a little bit cruel, but I drew him because I think the world is crueler to him. Things just don't work out for him. XD

Hook has a metal arm, instead of a hook, by the way.

Day 12: whale.

Oh, man, I couldn't think of anything that worked for whale, so this one is a stretch. XD It's Nightlight from The Guardian series and he can fly and is magic and stuff. So I figured he, in some point in his life, flew over a whale in the night. Heh. XD

Day 13: guarded.

(Of all the drawings I've done so far, I'm happiest with this one. CX) 

This trio is from Sisters Grimm (one of my favorite series ever.). From left to right is, Daphne, Sabrina, and Puck. Daphne and Sabrina are sisters and Puck's a fairy. 

Sabrina's pretty guarded most of the time, so that's why I drew her. I drew the rest of the trio just because I wanted to draw them for the longest time. 

- - -

You know what's sad? The pen I use and share with my sister, Lostfairy, is like almost dead. DX It's my first artist pen I've ever used, so it's sad that's it drying out. But, thankfully, we have a set of pens with the same size tipped pen that hasn't been used yet. XD Whew. :P

Welp, I think that's all for today. See you all next weekend!!!!

What's your favorite Inktober prompt so far?

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Inktober - Week 1

Hey faeries!

The first week of Inktober is over. I don't remember if you know this or not, but I'm doing weekly themes to go along with the prompts. The first week was movies/TV shows. 

Just as a side note, I'm super tired feeling today, so there won't be much to read for this post. XD And if it doesn't really make a lick of sense, I blame my overtired brain. U.U

Day 1: poisonous 

I really like the anime show Snow White with the Red Hair. I haven't watched the whole show yet, but it's amazing already. This is a drawing of Shirayuki, the main character, with a poisonous apple.

Day 2: tranquil

This is such a stretch for the prompt, tranquil; but I couldn't think of anything else. Big Hero 6 is one of my all time favorite family movies. (Baymax is so funny.)

Day 3: roasted

It's Barry and Wally from The Flash!!!! *does jazz hands sleepily* They always roast each other; so I thought they would work for that prompt. :P (I missed my chance to do an angry vein for Barry, though. XD Phooey.)

Day 4: spell

So, without meaning to, I sorta did a different style from my other drawings??? XD I think I like it, though. :P I also didn't mean for Draco to look dead inside, but, again, I really like it. XD This is probably my favorite drawing I've done so far.

It's hard to read what I wrote on the drawing but it says, "serpensortia" on top and "expelliarmus" on the side. Those are both spells from Harry Potter.

As you can see, this is my first black and white drawing I've done for Inktober, and I think I'll keep doing it. I need more practice drawing like that, anyway.

Day 5: chicken

I figured Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon was pretty much the definition of chicken. I don't know if he was necessary scared of his own shadow, but *shrugs* anything could've happened. XD 

Day 6: drooling

Bleghhhhhhh, this is the drawing I did today, I was not feeling in the drawing mood. You can tell I was rushing it by all the crazy messy lines I drew. XD 

I can hardly tell what I was drawing. It's supposed to be Sokka (from Avatar: the Last Airbender) in a sleeping bag, but uh, yeah, it looks wrong. XD Sokka looks like a baby. o.O

Next week's theme is books I wish were more popular. 

How's Inktober going for you? And, if you're not doing Inktober, how's life going for you? XD

Sunday, September 30, 2018

So, I'm Doing Inktober...

Yup, I'm doing it. I'm going to do Inktober. It'll be crazy. O.O

For those of you who don't know, Inktober is an event that a bunch of artists do, where, in the month of October, they draw one drawing a day. Normally, it's a drawing in ink, but it doesn't have to be. It can be online, it can be on paper, canvas, whatever you want.

I'm going to try to do all my drawings in ink. I think I'll color some with markers, but I'll probably leave it black and white for the most bit.

I'm also going to be doing the official prompts for this year. (Which, again, isn't necessary, you can come up with your own prompts.) 

I'm going to try to post what I've drawn once a week or so. That way you guys stay updated on how it goes and you also get to see the art!

I hope I stay determined enough to do this!!! XD

What are you doing for the month of October?

PS. I also made an account on a art site called Paigee World. Here's my profile link if you want to take a look!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Free Commissions are Done!!!

Hey faeriessssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma backkkkkkkkkk.

And, yes! I finished making the commissions without you having to wait months and months!!!

(Sorry, forgot to get a link, I did NOT make this GIF.)

That's me celebrating. CX

Ahem! Anyhoo, before I show you guys the art you requested, I need to tell you something. This is VERY serious. *almost starts laughing* I have made the bestest artwork you ever seen in your life. I'm being absolutely serious here. Your mind is gonna be blown when you see this.

Are you ready?!

I don't think you are.

But then again, no one is ready to see the gloriousness I have created.

If you die from this, I'm sorry.

TA-DAAAAAAAAAAA. It's my fabulous Bendy and the Ink Machine art!!!! XDDDD 

Isn't it perfect? CX 

What? You don't like it??? DX

(Again, forgot the link. DX)

Haha. Sorry, that was a bad joke. *shakes head* I don't know what I was doing. 

Well, I made that Alice Angel and Bendy artwork as a joke once and I just felt like posting because why not? XDD

Okay! Now on to the commissions! 

I only actually got around to finishing the first one and getting the pencil version of the second commission done when I was in the waiting room at the appointment. XD So I drew the rest at home. :P

Snowlondon (sorry, I could only find your Google+ account to link back to you!) requested first, and she asked for her original character, Seraphina.  

Seraphina is a mermaid, but I'm not sure if I made her mermaid-ish enough. DX I'm not a fan of the tradition mermaid outfit so I made up my own. I tried to have her sleeves be like a gauzy, see-through material, and I think it worked...? XD 

And, from what I can tell, she seems like a determined girl! I hope I could put all that bravery and character into her expression. :) 

I hope you like it, Snow! :D

Now, it's Sarahkey8's art! Sarah also asked for an OC of her's, Kaylee.

I had no clue what kind of swirls and polka dots you wanted, Sarah! XDD So I hope this is what you had in mind. Also, I hope Kaylee looks like she has a Ty Lee personality. CX

Heh, the raven earrings went superrrrr well. XDD Sorry, I don't know how to draw tiny ravens. They ended up looking like pointy blobs. >.< 

Lately, I've been testing out shading skin with different colors besides my usual. (Which is tan and more skin tone-ish colors.) I shaded Kaylee with red and then faded it with an eraser and colored lightly over it again with a tan colored pencil. I thought the red would bring out the pink in the shirt.

I hope I did Kaylee justice, Sarah! C:

Josiah's is the next one! He commissioned me to draw Shovel Knight from, you guessed it, the game, Shovel Knight! XD

Welp, this was strange art to draw... 

I don't know what to say about the art, but Shovel Knight looks like a fun character. I'm curious to see what his games would be about. :D

Erasing the certain parts on his armor to create the shine was really fun. And it was nice not having to draw eyes. (Arghhhh, getting the eyes to be the same shape is hard. >.<)

I hope you like seeing Shovel Knight in my art style, Josiah!

Last commission is Lostfairy's!!! She asked for Ghirahim from Legend of Zelda, but she is writing a fanfic with him in it. When she requested that he have the personality from her story, so he's, uh, kinder?? I guess?? I don't know! XD

Man, I love the story Lostfairy is writing, it's so good! :o And, so it was fun to draw Ghirahim from it. 

Ghirahim was the commission I struggled with the longest because I couldn't get his hair to be something I liked. XD I think I'm finally happy with the end product. 

I also tried something new-ish (for me, at least) with the parting in his hair. I did tiny, short lines in the direction his hair would go instead of drawing just a line or two. I really like the way it looks, so that's something I'll be doing a lot more. I'm not sure if that technique works just for guy's partings or not. 

The shirt that Ghirahim's wearing is super fun to draw. I like how it's based on Link's Skyloft clothes in Skyward Sword but the colors are different. The red and black really work for Ghirahim's character.  

Heh, it was a little strange to not draw an eyebrow. And then shade on his eyelid without having the eyebrow to base it on. 

Psst! Can you tell that I left Ghirahim's lips white like they are in the video game? XDD

I hope I made Ghirahim a fraction as good as he is in your story, Lost! 

Yup, that's all the art! It was really enjoyable to draw!!! (And, it forced me to draw a couple females, 'cause lately I have been just drawing guys... Heh. XDDD And I don't want to get out of practice drawing girls. :P) 

Thank you all for requesting the free doodles!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. <3

- - -

If you got the free art, you are allowed to repost it. But, you must follow these two rules:

1. You MUST leave the watermark on it.

2. And you must give a link to Faeries and Folklore.

That's my conditions for reposting the art I gave for the free doodle commission. 

And, just to be clear, if you want to repost any more of my art or art that you didn't get from the commissions, you must ask me for permission first!

Welp! That's all I have to say for today. CX 

I hope you have a lovely time zone!!! 

What do you think of the GIFs I posted in the beginning of the post? XD Too weird? (More like, too cute, right? CX)