Thursday, July 26, 2018

Random Post of Artsy Stuff

Hello everyone! I'm Koolestkat, also known as Chloe Grace. ;) (I've been watching too many Black Gryph0n videos.)

Soooo, since I've been a lazy person and slacked off. I don't have enough art to show you today from the art challenge. XD And being the genius that I am (not) I thought I'd do a post about random pictures of artsy things I've been wanting to post. XD

So! On to the randomness! 

My friend recently graduated from high school and I wanted to make her a little something so I made a card for her. 

Yeah, that's what I made. Card making isn't my favorite thing to do, to be honest. But I enjoyed myself doing this. XD I looked up a font online and then I drew it on a blank piece of paper that was already cut to size. I gone over to family friend years ago and she had taught me how to make pretty cards when I was there. So I used tips she had given me then while making this card. :)

And because I'm weird, I like drawing on my hand. (A lot. That's probably not the best habit but I don't care too much. XDD) I like practicing different fonts and my hand is a wonderful canvas. :P 

Yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan. So I wrote Muggle on my hand. (That means a person who doesn't have magical powers. So like you and I are muggles.)

I've been listening to IMmortal by Black Gryph0n and Baasik. And one of the songs is called Crusader (Are We There Yet), so I drew the chorus on my palm.

Do you have any odd habits?


  1. OOOOH :O That card is SO PRETTY!!

    Or are we.... *mysterious music*

    That was weird, when I saw this, that came on... XDDD

    1. Thank you!!!

      Ooo. *gets shivers* I hope I'm a wizard! XD

      That's so weird! But also really cool! XDDD

  2. Oooh that card looks very nice! I love the writing on the hands tooXD


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