Saturday, July 28, 2018

How I Draw Hair and More

Hey faeries!

I wanted to show you how I draw hair. It's not going to be a step-by-step... because I don't have a clear way of doing it. Maybe I'll think of a way someday. XD

Since I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a "how I draw hair" post or just "how I draw" in general, I took a bunch of pictures. So this post is going to be mostly pictures and not words. >.<

As always, I started with a circle. It's okay if it's not perfect, no one is going to see it anyway once it's finished. XD

I don't normally do this, but this time I drew a line in the middle of the face and a bit further to measure how long I wanted the chin to be.  

Remember girls have rounder/softer looking faces than guys do. And I'm drawing a girl, by the way. XD

Then I added shoulders and neck. Again, this is a rough base so it's okay if it is messy. :)

Drew the ears. Ears should be placed closer to jaw line, but not actually touching it. (I could be wrong here, I just normally do what I think looks right! Heh heh. :P)

Then I drew a simple hairline to go off of.  I struggle a little with hairlines sometimes. They matter more than I used to think. Depending on who you are drawing, if you get everything right but mess up on their hairline it won't look quite like who you were drawing. DX But don't stress about it! XDDD

Then I drew the basic hair outline. I'm drawing a curly haired girl, so I wanted to give her hair lots of body. I like adding a few strands at the end that curl in their own directions, I feel like it gives more character. (Sometimes I add strands of hair curling outward higher up in the hair, but I didn't this time.)

Then I drew the hair on the left side under her ear. In this artwork, I wanted to try drawing a girl with only one side of her hair over a shoulder, and I think I'm liking the way it turned out. :D

Then I added the bangs thing. XD I'm trying to see if I can draw them so they look like the stick off her forehead a little. (Does that make any sense? I guess I want it to look a little like the Little Mermaid's bangs, but not? XD Can't think of any way else to describe it, so. *shrugs*

Next, I shaded the hair. (I don't do that first usually. Most of the time, I fill in the main color of the hair and then shade. But this time I did differently, and I really liked it! <3 XD)

Then I shaded the bangs and left side. Another thing I did differently in this artwork, was making the shading have strands. You don't have to shade hair this way, you can just do simpler shapes...? I don't really know how to describe it. XD Like you ditch all the strandy things I did and do the main shaded areas.

I filled in the basic color I wanted for the girl's hair. And I smoothed the shaded parts into smaller points and stuff. 

The shiny parts are similar to the shaded ones, they're just in different locations. (I didn't add shinier areas for a long time in drawings, only recently have I done that; so if you don't feel comfortable doing that yet, you don't have to. It's helpfully to see where other people do it in drawings or look at your own hair and other people's hair in real life.)  

Then I shaded the girl's skin. 

This is my first time adding shinier areas to skin, so I'm not sure if it is anywhere near accurate. 

After that, I colored in the main skin tone.

And I kinda stopped taking pictures of each step of my drawing with the details. Because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the face the way I had going on, so yeah. 

I haven't done lips and noses like that before, but I think I like it...? XD

I didn't want to rush the end of this drawing so I don't have it done yet. But, when it is finished, I will post a picture of it!

Am I the only one that thinks this drawing somehow looks like a cross between a Splatoon character and Zendaya?


  1. Oooh this was really cool Koolest! Also very helpful as well. I always find it a bit hard doing hair shading and digital shading. I guess it’s easier to see now:)

    1. Thank you! Oh! I'm glad it was helpful. ^.^ I wish you the best of luck in online art! It was really hard for me, I know, at the beginning. But it gets better. :) Keep drawing, Violet! :D

  2. (ACK! SORRY THIS IS SO LATE! I haven't had a chance to comment!)

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS KOOLEST! :D It will be really really really really REALLY helpful ^.^

    1. (Why does it always feel like every time you say you have a late comment, then I'm super late in replying!!! XDDDDDD)

      You're welcome!!!!!! I'm so happy it was helpful. <3


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