Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tales of the Month

Hey guys!!!

Whew, this week has been busier than usual and totally not busier, at the same time. XD I had an emergency orthodontist appointment and a couple of other appointments and went to my church's youth group, which is a bit of a drive from where I live, and of course, there was school, but it was good. :) I went to youth with my two sisters and we had so much fun! :D

Alright, enough about life stuff (for now XD) and on to bookish things!

The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan

This book is about: Charlie wakes up one day and he is strapped to chair and being tortured. But he has no idea how or why he's there. All he remembers is that he went to bed after a completely normal day with a pretty girl's number written on his hand. And now he has to figure how to get out of this and not get killed in the process.

This book was so good!!! I've read it twice before but reading it for the third time was just as good the other times! I like how the author gives pieces of Charlie's last day he can remember slowly. And Charlie's a really normal guy and reading from his point of view, you can totally tell that he is. The writing in the book is super fast to read, because there are short chapters and small sentences. And I also really love how morally upright Charlie, he stands up for what he believes in and doesn't let anyone tell him otherwise. Yes, he stumbles sometimes, but he keeps going back to what he knows is right. 

The Stolen Chapters by James Riley

This book is about: Owen and Kiel find themselves in a burning library with a creepy masked detective telling them that they must solve the mystery if they ever want to see Bethany again. But they don't remember how they got to the library or who the masked boy is. Owen always hated mysteries and now he seems to be living one. And Kiel lost all his magic, so how are they going to get out of this mess and save Bethany?

Hmm, seems like I all I read this month is memory loss books. XDD  *squeals* Can Owen and Kiel get any cuter???! Seriously, every time there was a scene with one or both, they did something adorably cute and maybe stupid. XDD I say stupid in a endearing way. The first nine or ten chapters of the book are called stolen chapters because most of the writing is black out and only a few words are visible. And as the book goes on the author reveals what was written in those chapters. 

The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland

This book is about: Clay has always lived in a cave with no way outside because it's not safe. He and his four friends have been told for as long as they can remember that they are the special dragonets who are supposed to stop the war that has been going on for twenty years. But how will they stop a war if they don't even know how the sun feels on their scales? They haven't even been able to talk to other dragons beside their three guardians and each other. They want freedom, not fate. It time they make their own choices.

It was so cool to read this book as a graphic novel! The pictures were beautiful colored and the dragonets had so much emotion! I love going back to read about the first arc in the Wings of Fire series, it made me love it more. <3 The artists were very talented and the backgrounds were really awesome looking! XD If you haven't read the Wings of Fire yet, you totally should and then read this graphic novel!! It's amazing. :O

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger

This book is about: Sophie can read minds and that makes her a standout from everyone. No one understands her and she feels like she's all alone, even in her own family. Then she finds out there is a world, called Eternalia, out there where people are like her. She wants to find more about it. When Sophie gets there, with the help of a blue eyed boy named Fitz, she is told she cannot go back to her earth because she is an elf, like the people who welcomed her in to Eternalia. And elves are forbidden to go to earth. Soon, she goes to a school where elves are taught how to use their powers. And, as she struggles to fit in, she finds out her mind holds memories that shouldn't be there. And people would kill to know those secrets.

This book looks like it should be an adventure kind of book. It's not. If you are expecting that, you will probably be very disappointed. But! If you read the book expecting a magic school story, you'd be fine! Because that's basically what it is. XD The main character is twelve and she's different than most twelve year old's in books. Most of them think they can do things without the help of an adult (and somehow they can! XD I don't think I could do what most twelve year old kids do in books. XDD), but Sophie, well, she goes to the adults she trusts most and tells them her problems. And then she lets them deal with it! :O Like what! I know that's what I would've done when I was that age, but a book twelve year old wouldn't! XD I just found it kinda of interesting that she did that. And I kinda felt like her powers came too easy for her. (There was only like two subjects in school that she struggled with. And all the rest she could do wonderfully at with her perfect photographic memory. :P)

And, you know what's weird? I can point out more things that aren't super well done in the book, but I still enjoyed it, surprisingly. I can't deny that two of reasons why I want to keep reading the series is because of how beautiful the covers are drawn and I want to know who the cute guys are on the fifth book are. XDD

The Keeper of the Lost Cities makes me think of an anime show I've watched a couple of episodes called Uta no Prince-Sama. In the show, there's like six to ten guys that are friends with the one main girl character. And most of guys like that one girl. XDD And in The Keeper of the Lost Cities, Sophie's friends are mostly guys, who like her, and there are a bunch more guys in the school that like her, too. XDD

Oh! In case you plan to read this book, the guy on the cover is not Fitz. And even though it sounds like Fitz would be the most important guy in the book, he's not. :( That guy on the cover is a boy named Dex. XD

- - -

I went to a craft store and bought myself a pencil sharpener. I needed one because the one that my family owns breaks the lead on colored pencils a bit too much for my liking. :P 

When I got home, I opened the package up and admired at my new sharpener. It looks pretty cool. XD 


There's one problem.

I have no idea how to open it to empty the pencil shavings.


Everything I do doesn't work! >:( XD  I think I will need to look it up. :P

I don't know why I felt like saying that. XDD 

Welp! I hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

Have you been reading lots lately? I haven't been reading as much I'd like to. XD Oops.


  1. 1. That book sounds super interesting :o

    But I was so confused at the beginning because I was wondering if somebody blocked out the letters XDDD Om I love so much how they included the first book in it!! (also was not expecting the plot twist!)


    (The cover looks super pretty XDD) Sounds awesome :o


    1. 1. It was really good! XD

      OM, that'd be so bad if someone had! :O XD Thank goodness it was supposed to blocked out. :P (That plot twist was awesome! :O I wasn't expecting it either.)


      (I love that series' covers. XD)

      *sigh* Sadly, my pencil sharper has no bananas... :( XDD

  2. I love Charlie too, for the same reasons! He's just such a GOOD guy, and you don't find enough of those in fiction it seems.

    The Story Thieves series sounds fun! I need to read them someday... Probably Wings of Fire too, but whew--one series at a time. XD

    Hehe, great review of Keeper of the Lost Cities! It's too bad it wasn't quite what you expected, but I agree that those covers are definitely cute.

    This is totally random, but for the quick little synopsis you give of each book, do you write those yourself? I can never tell if you wrote them or got them off the backs of the books. XD


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