Saturday, March 10, 2018

Oh, Hey, There's More Art, Fancy That!

Oh goodness, it's Friday evening when I'm writing this and I'm so tired. But it helps to listen to Owl City's Cinematic CD. XD Let's see if this will make a lick of sense when I proofread it tomorrow. :P

*hums quietly along to "Not All Heroes Wear Capes"* Man, I love this album... XDD

"Childhood Friendship"


I wanted to try out my alcohol-based markers again. (Last time was a flop. Here's the post about it. XD) I knew chibi was pretty easy to draw so I found a really cute reference base picture and drew it on some watercolor paper my older sis, Tracey, gave me.

You see, my brother, Josiah, got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (I can't say that name without thinking of DanTDM's way of saying it... XDD) a couple months ago. And he's been playing it all the time with me and my younger sis, Lostfairy, watching. And so, as you can see, I love the game and I love drawing fan art for anything. So! That means I had to draw BOTW fan art!

I was first thinking that it would just be chibi versions of Link and Zelda, but then my dad saw what I was drawing and he said that they looked like little kids. I liked that idea, and I proceeded to simplify their outfits and make them look like kids.

I think this would be kinda how their relationship would look like if they had been friends as kids. XD

"Cool Dude"

Remember when I showed you faeries what I was working on a few weeks ago? Well, I colored it not long after and forgot to post it. XDD (Here's the link to the post.)

(I think he's a pretty cool looking guy. XD)


For all of you who don't know these two "lovers," they are Katara and Zuko. AKA. Katara and my hot anime bae. XDD Their from one of my favorite TV shows called Avatar: the Last Airbender. (Which is a little bit of a *cough cough* strange show, but I love it. XDD)

Katara and Zuko aren't really a couple in the show, but I wish they were. Hence the ship name, Zutara. :P

I used a reference base photo for this drawing because *mumbles* I don't know how to draw kissing people. XDD I changed a few things up from the reference. Like, Zuko's right hand had only three fingers and a thumb. (How'd that happen??! XDDD) And Zuko's left hand was in a kind of strange position... So I made him running his hands through Katara's hair. Because that's what they do all the time in movies, right??? XD 

I was also thinking Katara is all shocked and embarrassed and Zuko's totally cool with kissing her. :P (And he's totally enjoying it, too...)

"Northern Lights"

I was feeling like drawing northern lights because I've never done that. And so I drew an abstract-y night sky and scenery. 

It wasn't supposed to be, but the little girl on the picture ended up looking a lot like the main character from Undertale, named Frisk. XD

One of my sisters, I think Lostfairy, said that the lights made her think of worms. XDD *laughs* I can totally see why!!

And Tracey thinks that the lights are like the northern lights in Owl City's Lucid Dreaming music video.

"Sad Draco"

I haven't read Harry Potter, but I really want to. And I've been looking in to it, and I really taken a liking to one character already. His name is Draco Malfoy. He's so tortured, how could I not like him? XDD And I saw this one picture where he's doing that same pose that's in my drawing, and I wanted to draw it. XD

I drew this with Lostfairy watching me and helping me again, because she is such a helpful and sweet and encouraging sister. ;) <3

It was fun drawing such sad eyes. XD I usually only draw eyes like that in doodles and not in actual drawings, because most of my people in my drawings are happy or serious, not super sad. :P

"Draco Malfoy"

Yes, I drew another Draco. XD He seems like such a cool character!! Even if he may be the bully... Um, yeah, that sounds weird. *laughs nervously* Heh, heh. Maybe he just doesn't know any better...? And, um, his outfit is... awesome! Ha. *shakes head at self* Yeah, no, that's not very convincing. XD

Pencil drawings are fun to do, and I got to try a technique I've been wanting to do a while. It's wear you draw a bunch of straight lines one way and the bunch more in a bunch of directions. Mhm, *nods* I know my snuff!!! XDD

It's called crosshatching and I learnt that trick from Manga Crash Course, best how to draw manga book ever. XDD

Anyway! I got to use the technique on Draco's sweater. 

I sometimes think that Draco's outfit looks a little like a anime schoolboy uniform. And I love school uniforms for some reason! XD (Though, I think I'd like them less if I had to wear one to school everyday... Yay, for homeschool! Where I can wear comfy sweats and baggy hoodies all day... XD)


*puts hands up and backs way and smiles sheepishly* So I'm a little obsessed with Draco right now! Heh! That's not weird. Right? Heh, heh. *rubs the back of neck nervously* 

I've seen quite a few drawings where people draw a lots of emotions of one person on one picture. And I thought it looked so cool, and I wanted to draw something like that, too. :) 

I drew neutral, angry, smug/happy, and sad. I first drew the basic shapes for all the Draco's, so I'd know if I had enough room. And once I was done that a drew them all one by one. It was really fun! I don't think I've drawn one person so many times, it's crazy! XD 

The angry one looks super pouty mad. XDD And my neutral face for Draco is slightly grumpy or sad. :P

Oh! *is excited* Do you like how I have the smug Draco holding an apple?!!! There's a ship name for Draco and his apple! XDD Drapple!!!! :O XD He's often holding a green apple, so people think him and an apple are a great couple. XDDDD

You have no idea how hard it was drawing an apple to fit nicely in Draco's hand... I had to redraw and redraw and redraw. But I think it paid off. :P

It's so sad when Draco cries. He's not really the most pretty crier, but that's one of the reasons it's so sad. I made the sad Draco in my drawing have a tear in one eye. 3:

I didn't have enough time to color the Draco emotions picture before I posted this, so later I'll show you how it looks like finished.

- - -

XD I hope that wasn't too much Draco for you! Don't worry, though, I'm mostly sure that the next time I post art won't have a million, trillion, billion Draco pictures. XDD *whispers* Maybe, just, you know, a couple... Nothing too crazy. 

So, that was my art from the past couple weeks. What do you think? Are you looking forward to summer as much as I am?!


  1. *resists screaming the lyrics for that song*

    1. AWWWWWWWW ZAT IS SO CUTE (why did I just say 'zat'?!) I wanna hug it XD XD
    4.*whispers* That's how you study the stars.. that's how you study the stars.. *coughs* AHEM AWESOME :OOO
    5. Dracooo reminds me of.. Pibb soda..? what the heck.. *drinks fiji water* Draco bloodfist from How to Train Your Dragon 2?...
    AHEM XDD That looks awesome :o (And dare I say it, cute. XDD)
    6. I need to draw, you have inspired me. AWESOMEEE AWESOMEEE AWESOMEEEEE
    7. Drapple, reminds me of... pib soda. *SMACKS HEAD* WHY DOES DRACO REMIND ME OF PIBB?!?! Also Pibb sounds like bib. (My favorite of these is the grumpy one hehehe)

    This comment has been.. weird...
    *drinks Fiji Water*

    Also, I heard you were sick so- HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON KOOLESTTTT *hands you magical fiji water signed by Adam that will totally make you feel better*

    1. I know, right? How could you not sing along to Owl City?! XDDDD

      1. TANK UUUUUUUUU. ZAT IS VERY SWEET OF UUUUU. (See? I can say zat, too. XD) (XDD)

      2. Thank you!!!!!

      3. XD Thanks so much! (Aww, thanks! Usually drawing and coloring hair is my one of fave parts. XD)

      4. *hums along to Sarah's whisper singing*

      5. WHAT? What the ham and eggs is Pibb soda???! XDD And who's Draco Bloodfist? XDD (I looked up Pibb soda, I still have no idea what it is... XD) And thanks! (GASP. YOU CALLED DRACO CUTE...! THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION. *throws confetti*)

      6. YAY! I'm glad I inspired you! Drawing is so much fun. (*whispers* By the way, what did I exactly get you inspired to draw? XD)

      7. LOL, WHY. WHY DOES HE REMIND YOU OF SODA...? XDDD (Teehee, that was a fun one to draw. XD)


      *firebends the snow away*

      Teehee, I love weird comments! XD :D

      THANK YOU. I'M BETTER NOW, THOUGH. *looks at the magical fiji water* Ooo, I take that, anyway! *drinks* Mmm, yum! Thanks!

      *sigh* I'm weird, too. XDD

  2. May I just say that all these are amazing? Also, I almost jumped off my seat when I read that you were listening to Owl City - mainly because that's the exact album I have playing right now. XD

    The Link and Zelda one is so cute . . . <3 <3 However, I love the Draco ones! I've never read/watched Harry Potter either, but Draco is still one of my favorite characters. He's so interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing more . . . :D

    These were so cool! Great job!!


    1. Aww, thanks!!! :D Yay! I love meeting new fellow Owl City fans! What's your favorite album of his?

      Thank you!!! :D I know, right? Draco just sounds like a really interesting character. CX I think he'll probably be my fave character in Harry Potter when I read. :P

      Thanks! :D

      By the way, welcome to Faeries and Folklore! I hope you enjoyed your stay and will come back! You seem like a lovely person, and I'd love to get to know you more! :D


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