Saturday, February 24, 2018

"The Flash" Characters - Fan Art

Hey there, faeries!! :D How's your week been? I hope none of you have been sick, like I have. :P It's just a sore throat, but, boy, being sick is really annoying. XD

Me and my sister, Lostfairy (who isn't feeling the best either), decided together that I should draw four of my favorite characters in a TV show we both love a ton, called The Flash.

She was watching me while I drew all four pictures. XD She helped me pick colors and encouraged me the whole time! (What a sweetie! <3)

This is my absolute favorite character in The Flash. Maybe that's cause he's the main character... XD Barry is a really sweet guy. He always wants to save everyone, even if their a baddie. Barry also carries the whole weight of the world on his shoulders, when he shouldn't. 

Did anyone notice my wee little lightning bolt by his name? XD And I usually come up with fonts by myself, but this time I looked up "alphabet fonts" and copied the one I thought matched the character.

He always rubs the back of his head when he's nervous/stressed/embarrassed. :P He was supposed to turn out happier but um, I accidentally didn't make his smile big enough. XD Oops.  

I used two reference photos for this picture. :)

And I couldn't find any manga guys doing the pose I wanted, so I used a picture (on the left) of Barry. XD It was very helpful to have him wearing a jacket in the pose reference, because then I know where the jacket would wrinkle and stuff. XD The one on the right is the one I used for his outfit. It's one of my favorites on him. C: He always wears red, it's nice. <3 Oh! I also used that picture for his hair. XD Which was easier than I thought it would be to draw. :3

Iris is also one of my faves. She so encouraging to those around her, especially to Barry. XD And she not just a damsel in distress, she knows how to look after herself, too. Iris grows to be more mature as the show goes on, which I think is cool. :D

I don't draw a lot of girls wearing necklaces or earrings. I liked how it turned out, though, it's a nice touch. It was really hard getting Iris's skin tone the right color. I just didn't have the right colored pencils. :( 

I only used one reference photo for her hair and outfit. :P 

For the pose for Iris, I looked at the girl on the far left bottom corner. XD I have no idea what all the tiny writing is on the pose reference picture I used is. XDDD If there are any bad words, I'm sorry!!! XD

Julian in the show is soooo sarcastic! It's great!!! XDD Him and Barry don't always get along very well together, so there quite a few funny scenes with them. :P Julian doesn't really know how to be nice, but he's is slowly getting there. And another reason, why is one of my favorites is because he has an awesome British accent.

I used, like, three reference photos of him, because he just didn't have the right combination of outfit and hair and facial expression. For the other pictures I drew, I didn't need facial expression references because they had been in the show since the beginning and Julian only comes in the third season. (Which I'm almost done watching now!)

I used the one on the left for hair reference. XD And the middle picture is for his outfit. (I changed the tie, though, cuz I don't really like the one he is wearing in that one.) And the last one, on the right, was for what kind of facial expression I wanted him to have. XD

This is the pose reference. I like it because it's a pretty natural pose, and those are sometimes hard to find. :P

Caitlin is super kind and a genius when it comes to medical stuff. She kinda of quiet but she knows when to stand up for herself and friends. :) And her outfits are all very pretty and business like. XD

This is one of the first times I erased to add a shiny part to a person's hair. I think it worked out quite well. And I haven't much of dressy business clothes on girls before. I want to draw some more now. XDD

The one on the left is a hair reference. And I really liked her outfit on the right so I used that as a reference. :)

Don't you think this is such a cute pose and picture in general? C: I like this one a lot. The girl's hair and eyes are so pretty!!! 

- - -

That's all the art! I drew them all within three days, so I'm pretty happy about that. XD Lostfairy was the one who helped me do that. She helped with my creativeness. XD

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Remember to go tell me what you want me to draw before the end of the month!!! More details about it, click here! (I'm not sure if I made it clear in that post about it, but I will be drawing all the requests I get! :D)

What kinds of characters are your favorites in movies or TV shows?


  1. Aww DX Hope you and Lost feel better super soon :D


    I love the earrings ^.^ (Mann I want to draw like you so baddddd)

    (JULIAN2!!!!! Ahem) British accents are just the best XDD (Like Dantdm!)

    (This is my favorite out of all of these) You drew her so prettily and cutely!! Let me just say I love the way you draw eyes. XDD


  2. O







    SERIOUSLY THO, you drew them all so well! These are definitely my favorite characters in the show, by far. XD

    *keeps flailing* We must hang these pictures up. Right now. LET’S DO IT. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


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