Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to Draw: Makar

Hey guys!!! I feel like I haven't seen you in a while, even though it's only been a week! :O XD

I've been watching my bro play so much Breath of the Wild and he keeps finding these little tree people called Koroks that I wanted to draw one of them. Koroks are in a few Legend of Zelda games but Korok I want to show you how to draw isn't from Breath of the Wild...

I know I've done step-by-step's before, but I hadn't done it in the more traditional way. I'm not even sure if there is a "traditional" way, but hoo-dee-hoo-hoo. Don't ask aboot what I just said. I is hyper. This iz whut happenz when I write a blog post when I'z drank coffee recently. XDD

Here's the little guy that I'm showing you faeries how to draw. Makar's from the game called Wind Waker. :3 And Makar plays a violin for Link sometimes and Makar's little friends once "sang" for Link, it was su coot. XD He's rather adventurous for his small size. Which makes him all the more cuter. 

I thought I'd start with a simple circle because we all know how much I love starting my drawings that way. XD Hint: that's, like, how I start 'em all the time. 

And then you draw a rounded cone on top of the circle. :P

And Makar is tree-ish so then you add the twig things on his head, making one taller than the other. :P

And the taller on the two twigs on Makar's head has another teeny, tiny twig sticking out of it.

Now, we draw his arms. (I had a little more difficulty making sure they were the same size. A ruler was handy to have for that. XD) 

Makar's legs were also hard to get to be the same. (Thanks again, Mr. Ruler, for letting me use you. XDD) I also drew a little line in the middle of the first circle I drew so that I would know where the middle of body was. And then I can draw his legs to be the same size a little easier.

The two circles are for Makar's mask. :) His mask is not symmetrical so one circle is bigger than the other.  

And then you draw a few lines to connect the circles to become a leaf mask. Sorry, I didn't know of a way to make that part simpler.

Next, we're going to do the smaller details. Here's the line in the middle of a leaf. (Doesn't it make it look a little more leafy than before? XD)

Now you draw the rest of his mask. Which would be the eyes, the nose and the mouth. XDDD

Then you ink the lines you want to keep. :)

And erase!

Tada! There's my Makar step-by-step! What did you think?

Here's a picture of all the steps, just in case you want to save it. :)

- - -

I cannot believe I've forgotten so many times to say this. But, thank you all for requesting art last month! I will get to drawing them all soon. I hope to have them done by summer. I hope that not too long for you to wait. D: I will most likely get them done before then, but is a deadline for me just so I get them done. :P

What's your favorite video game?


  1. Awwww its so cuteee XD Its awesome actually (AS USUAL)

    I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU ARE DONE :O I loveee your art SO MUCH XD

    My favorite video game is uhm Fortnite...???

    1. Thankssssssssssssss. :D (Aww, you are seriously too kind! <3)

      *blushes* Thank you muchly! XD

      Ooo, I've seen DanTDM play that game! It looks cool! Are you good at it? :O (I feel like all I'd want to do is go exploring and then accidentally get caught in the storm and die, or not pay attention and someone would shot me. XDD)

    2. That is exactly what I do, I go on the hangout for like 3 seconds and get shot XDD And I am ok at it??? Not that good though XD I stink at shooter games


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