Saturday, December 2, 2017

Tales of the Month and CHRISTMAS ART RAFFLE!!!

(The main picture is not my own. The words were added by me.) 

Do you guys remember my struggles last month with choosing a name for my monthly book series posts? Well, I'm happy to tell you that I picked one!! Thanks to my ever helpful brother, Josiah, who came up with the name, I chose Tales of the Month. :)  

Escaping Peril by Tui T. Sutherland

WINGS OF FIRE IS SO GOOD. I love that series a ton. :D And, like all the books before Escaping Peril, this one definitely lived up to the greatness. The cover is pretty awesome. :3 And the title has a DOUBLE MEANING. :OOO  Like, how cool is that?! And the ending. Oh my word. The ending is sooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I must keeping reading the series! XD

Playing Cupid by Jenny Meyerhoff

Playing Cupid is so cute. XD The character drama was fun to read. <3 I love short, little, fluffy reads like this. I love all the characters in the book. And Clara, the main character, has a secret admirer, which is so cute!!!* It was really unique reading about the matchmaking business that Clara owns. 

**It's pretty easy to tell who the admirer is. But don't worry! I won't spoil it for you!!! XD

The Fever Code by James Dashner

The Fever Code is fantastic. Seriously. So. Amazing. All the books in this series were awesome but this one takes the cake. I loved reading about how the maze was built! It was soooooo sweet to also read about the Gladers when they were little kids. :3 And the ending of the book made me want to start The Maze Runner series all over again! XD I don't know what else to say about the book without spoiling everything. :P But let me just say again, I love love love The Fever Code so much.

Solitary by Travis Thrasher

This book was so not what I expected. It was different, but I think it was better than what I thought it would turn out to be. Solitary felt a little like a romance-- no wait. It did feel like a romance and with a bits of horror-ish elements thrown in. There wasn't really a whole lot happening for the first half to three quarters of the book, but it was definitely setting the scene for the next three books.* And the feeling for the book was spooky. I loved it.** XD

*Even if there wasn't a lot of action, it was still a really fast read. The short sentences and speedy dialog and small chapters made it that way.  

**Even if Chris was a... well. A little girl crazy with his crush. XD He thought about her constantly. XDD 

- - -

Now we finally come to the part you all were waiting for. THE CHRISTMAS ART RAFFLE. *does jazz hands* XD 

This is the first Christmas for Faeries and Folklore, so I thought I'd do something special. And a raffle came to mind. :) 

Now, there will only be one winner and two runner ups. The winner will get one fully colored picture done by me. And I will draw on paper and color it with colored pencils. And the two runner ups will each get one sketch/drawing where I use just my drawing pencils. 

The rules are simple. XD

  • In the comments down below, write a number from 1 to 100.
  • Give a brief description of what you want me to draw if you win. There's only one condition though, I don't really anything else besides manga and chibi humans, so please only ask for a human. XD And if you want, you can say which style you prefer most, manga or chibi. 
  • Please don't be a sore loser if you don't win. Who knows, if this goes well, I will surely have another raffle. :D
  • And the entries have to be in by the 9th of December, which is a week from now. XD

The winner's and runner ups' art will get posted on Christmas Day! :D I can't wait to see what you faeries want me to draw! XD

What books did you read last month? What do you think of the Tales of Month's name? Are you as excited for Christmas as I am?!! XD (I was ready for Christmas a month ago. XDD) What do you think of the raffle? Are you going to enter? 


  1. Those books look so good!

    My number is 19.
    I would like you to draw a human version of my main look on Animal Jam. I prefer manga

    1. They all are really good!!! XD

      Thank you so much for entering!!! It means a lot to me! I can't wait to see who wins. XD

  2. Ooh the Wings of Fire! I finished the first book Monday, waiting to pick up the next 3 from the Library YAY! The series is AMAZING so far! (Just throw me a book with a dragon in it and most of the time I will love it XDD)

    And the Fever Code I finished last night, I rrrrrreeeeaaaaalllllllllllly loved it XD
    My number isssssssss 48! Thank you for doing this Koolest ;) Good luck all! And if I win, my fox Rosy Gentlegem! :D

    1. (And, I mean my fox as a human XD)

    2. Yay! I'm so happy you started The Wings of Fire series. :D The series so awesome!!! :O XD (Ah, yes, dragons make everything better. XD)

      YOU DIIIIIDDDDDDDDDD?!!! YESH! It was su good. XD I loved it to pieces. :P

      Thank you so much for entering! And you're welcome! It's going to be fun! XD

      (I was thinking you meant the fox as a human. ;D)

  3. Oooooh! I can't wait to read Escaping Peril. I just finished The Brightest Night :D IT WAS SO GOOD! Sunny is my favourite character now :P

    For the raffle, I shall choose number.... 29!
    If I did win (or get runner up) I would like art of my OC Fiona. She's a wingless sprite with long blonde hair and green eyes, and she'd be wearing some sort of Autumn outfit, as she's the Autumn princess.
    Thanks for the chance!


    1. You'll love it! Ooo, The Brightest Night was good, too! Sunny is an awesome character! :D

      Thank you very much for entering! :D (Fiona sounds like a really cool character! I love sprites. ;3)

      You are so welcome! ^.^

  4. Also I'd prefer manga :P
    -Snowlondon who can't sign in right now


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