Saturday, November 18, 2017

Oodles of Doodles!

Oh my goodness, guys!!! I can't believe I didn't post last week. DX I wrote down this whole post and I set a time for it to go up and it didn't get published. I am so sorry. I did not even check to see if it had gone up at all during the week. Gah! D: Here's the post I would have posted last week.

And I also want to say before I start the post... Happy Thanksgiving to all my American faeries!!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :3

[I added the words and frame but I did not take the picture of the lined paper. Here's the source.]
That's right! I doodle. Quite often, actually. I usually start doodling in school when I'm getting bored. :P I haven't done as much doodling in school this year as I did last year but, still, I can't help but do it every now and then. XD 

I did these doodles when I should have been doing science. Oops. XD 

As you can see, I like doodling faces most of the time in school. I like trying new eyes all the time.

This is, again, during science so please excuse the random equations. :P

Sometimes my faces look like they could be the same person but with different expressions. Like the face on the bottom right on the picture above this one and the face on the right on this picture look like they are the same person.*

*I don't think I meant to have that happen. XD

I sometimes draw in red pen when I'm doing school because it's fun and bright. :D I did just about all of these doodled faces in one sitting.* XD I think these are some of my favorite faces I've doodled this year.

*Guess you can tell I was bored. :P

I have this notebook with a sleeping cat on the cover and I think I got it when I was around ten years old. And I named it my "doodle book." And I took family gatherings all the time when I was younger.*

And, anyway, I doodled this in my doodle book. It was a really quick drawing and I didn't care much about how it looked in the end. :P It's a drawing of the new set of main characters in The Wings of Fire series. I had felt like drawing them in chibi human form. And that's what happened.

From left to right is: Winter, Moon, Kinkajou, and Qibli.

*XD I still do. It's perfect when you don't want to talk to anybody. :P

Here's another quick doodle. :) It's just of some random girl I came up with.

I drew this during my youth's Bible study last week. XD I really like the way the smiley face on the top right looks.

I felt like drawing a person crying because I don't do it that much and I need the practice. 

- - -
Sorry that this is such a short post with more pictures than words. I just don't have any words really to say. :( Sorry again.

Do you guys doodle much? If you do, where do you doodle the most? In church? School? Somewhere else entirely?


  1. Aww, I love your doodles! That last one is so good! Of course they all are, but you know. :)

    Yep, I still doodle in college. It keeps me awake during microeconomics! XD

    1. Thanks!!! Really? I didn't know you liked it that much. XD Aww, thanks, sweetums. :3

      XDDD That's too funny. :P What kinds of doodles do you draw in class? :O

  2. Awesome post, sis!!! :D

    And ye. I doodle. A lot. XD In church. At school. Everywhere. XD

    Annnnnnnd I don’t know what else to say. XD Byeeeee! XD

    1. Awwww. Thanks, baby! C: You are too sweet. :3

      XD Saaaame!! But you already knew dat. So. :P XD I love your doodles. They are so coot!!!!! :D

      LOL. *randomly thinks of DanTDM saying LOLOLOLOLOL* He says it funny. :P And that's okay if you don't know what to say! XD (By the way, was the "byeeeee" supposed to be said like Dan says it? :O It made me think of him again. XD)

  3. Awesome post! :D
    The 3rd last one is really cute ^.^

    I don't doodle too much, except strangely enough on the AJ Art Studio.. I don't know why... XDD

    1. Thank youuuuuu!!!!!!! XD

      XD Tanks very much. :3

      :O I'd love to see your doodles you draw on the AJ Art Studio! That's so cool that you doodle on there. :D What do you doodle the most? People? Animals? Something else entirely? XD

  4. Woah, those are really cute! Great Job :P

    I doodle the most in school for SURE. Except my teacher always takes away the drawing. BUT THEN I STEAL THEM BACK! XDDDDDD
    It's always really fun because my friends and I may or may not sneak into her desk to take them....
    Oh welp.


    1. Thank you!! :3

      XDDDD LOL. You are too funny! I bet you are very sneaky by now. XD I hope teacher learns by now that she can’t keep your doodles away from you. XD


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