Saturday, December 9, 2017

Reacting to Old Art

Hey guys! I felt like doing something I've never done so far on Faeries and Folklore. And that is show my really old art and reacting to it. XD 

This is going to be fun! :P 

Oh my goodness. What is this?! It's horrifying! I mean, look at it's neck. It just keeps going on and on and on forever. Horses are not giraffes. :/ And it's looks like I was trying to "shade" on part of it's face. But the rest isn't shaded... And look! Look at that mane. It looks so weird!!!! And what's happened to it's cheek???*

*It seriously looks like a mutated horse-chipmunk thing with those "beautiful" cheeks.

*bursts out laughing* What. Is. This. XDDDD It's so BAD. XD The sky... it so scribbley. Same goes with the "grass." Oh, wow. This is just too funny. I love how I made the leaves itsy bitsy. And there's one petal touching another petal, but there rest of the petals don't connect at all. Weird. O.o 

It's a bunny, in case you were wondering. With carrots. In a garden? XD 

Don't stare at the artwork. Because if you look into its black, soulless eyes and stare at its evil smile for too long, you may be afraid of bunnies in your garden the rest of you life. 

Please, do not get me started on the bunny's legs and feet. Or the roundness that is its head. 


Well, ok, there's:
  1. A creepy girl. With a hat that looks like it will fly off her head at any moment. 
  2. The creepy girl is on a sled. I think it's a... *leans forward and squints at the drawing and trys to make sense of it* It is a crazy carpet.*
  3. And there's a rainbow. In winter?? Can there even be rainbows when it's all snowy? 
  4. There's a giant, blue bird that is nearly the same size as the girl. 
It's official. This is a strrrraaaannnngggge picture. 

*If you don't know what a crazy carpet is, that is very sad... :( My childhood is based on a crazy carpet. (Not really.) XD It's basically a plastic carpet you can sit or lie on and slide down snow piles. 

Huh? What happened to these poor horses? I think, again, I was trying to shade or something with the pencil drawing. I was even smudging it! XD That didn't really make it any better though. 

My manes were sad excuses for manes. XD Very flat and one-dimensional.

Let me introduce you to Ghost Girl. XD She's a ghost and she likes cookies. See that longing in her eyes? That's the longing for cookies she can't have because she is a ghost. And ghosts can't eat. :(

Just kidding! I have no idea why she's sad.* I drew this in 2014. I was like 14. Wow, that's so weird. I know some people who were 14 and they drew FAR BETTER than anything I drew at that age. XDD 

*Though I think I'd be sad too, if I was a ghost. XD I mean, then I'd be DEAD. And that's kinda bad. 

Um. Don't ask. XD This girl... is just, wow, so weirdly proportioned. And her nose! Ugh. Actually her entire face is rather ugh.* :P Don't look now, but her thumb and hand look like they could be from a horror movie. XD

*Right now, it looks like she has a beard... But, heh, that's just the picture showing up from underneath. XD 

Why did my younger self have a thing for flowers and smiley faces on shirts?! It always turned out to look so strange. I don't know what I was thinking when I drew that. :P And her hair... It's so... what's the word? Flat? Boring? Stupidy-dumb? Probably all of the above. XD 

The girl's skirt is waaaaaaaaaay to short. Ahem! :/ Not disturbing at all. :P Her miniskirt is soooo detailed, as well.* :P 


This one is semi-good. Just semi. :P I was using a reference picture for this one. So good job, younger self! *pats younger self on the back* You're finally learning--a little. :P But, um, younger self, do you not know how to use an eraser properly? Cuz. *cough cough* There are *cough* smudges! *cough* Everywhere. *cough* XD 

And Link's head is a little squashed...

If you can't tell who this is,* it's Zelda. I think I went through a short phase of drawing The Legend of Zelda stuff. This particular drawing I did not finish. I think it would have look okaaaaay done and colored and stuff. But right now, um, not that great. :P Her mouth is kinda creepy with the way it's shaped. XD 

*I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't tell. It's pretty awful. 

Well, okay, this is my attempt at drawing a superhero. It didn't go so well by the looks of it. XD Both of her arms are the same length... But one of her hands is making a fist. Um, that's not right. :P XD And this lady has quite the thick neck.* And I know some masks are made to not show a person's eyes, but my mask just turned out extremely eerie. 

Why did I ever think Comet Gal was a cool name?! It's not. At all. 

*That sounds so weird. XD

Okay, I only have one more picture of old art to show you. So this is the last one. Ever.* This final picture is a bit different than all the other old art I've shown so far. It may frighten you. So beware. No one would say you were a coward if you click X to this post right now and went on your merry little way. Yes, the picture I'm about to show you is that bad. Are you ready for it?

*Wink, wink. Maze Runner reference. XD

'Cause here it comes.

Wait for it.

Waaaaaait for it...



Okay, maybe I was being a little dramatic. XD Or a lot dramatic. :P But you gotta admit this picture is pretty bad. It was my first and last try at drawing realistic humans.* I didn't even finish this artwork. I was looking at a reference picture when I was drawing it. But, yeah, it has a lot of work needing to be done if this is going to look good. XD

*I may try again sometime to draw realistic people, but for now, no. :P

- - -

I want to say thank you to all the people that entered my Christmas Art Raffle! It means so much to me! ^.^ You can still enter today, but, on Sunday, the entries are closed.  Click here to see the rules. 

- - - 

What do you think of this post? Should I do another one sometime? What do you think was my worst art on here? What about the best?


  1. Actually a lot of those are really good! (Better then what I draw NOW at least!) Awesome post!! :D

    1. Aww, thank you!! You are too sweet, Sarah! ^.^ (I LOVE your art style, seriously! It's so cute. Keep up the good work!!!) And thanks!!! C:


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