Saturday, December 30, 2017

Everland - a Book Review and My Sketchbook LIED to Me

Hey faeries! How was your Christmas? Did you get any wonderful presents? :O Or were you on the Naughty list? XD I know I had a wonderful Christmas, full of laughs and good memories. C:

In fact, the book I read over Christmas is the one I want to talk to you about today. Everland is a Peter Pan retelling! :O There aren't a whole lot of those from what I've found. (If you know some good Peter Pan retellings, please write the title down for me in the comments! I'd love to read it.) Everland is actually the very first Peter Pan retelling I've ever read. :o :P

Yeah Points
  • The book is set in a steampunk world! And I looooove steampunk. XD To me, it felt like it was a steampunk World War II book, but I'm not so sure because there was the mention of fist bumping. Soooo, yeah, not quite sure about the time the story takes place. :P
  • The cover is gorgeous. 
  • The characters were beautifully written. Pete and Gwen were the cutest thing together. <3 Bella is a tough young girl, but I love her. ^.^  Mikey is a super sweet kid. (Hook is a wonderfully evil-yet-not villain. He reminds me of Zuko from Avatar.
  • The author, Wendy Spinale, writes in so many references to the original Peter Pan and I loved them all! Even if you haven't read the original, you'll still catch a bunch of them! 
  • I really like the backstories that were told in this book. They intertwined nicely. ^.^
  • Pete was adorable. XD I really want to draw him!!!
  • Spinale follows the plot of the original enough to give the book a familiar feeling but it's not so predictable that it follows it completely.

 Nah Points
  • There is about two uses of a not-so-nice word. I don't think it's a swear word. But I know it's definitely not a good word. So, yeah. :/
  • And there were a two or three descriptions that were on the graphic side... (Like, I don't really want to know exactly how a rotting skeleton looks like! DX)   
  • There is a character that develops a crush on a woman that could be his mother. Like, EW. Thankfully, the lady does not feel the same way. Whew. :P But, yeah... that was a little gross. But, before, you cross out this book completely and say "No way, I'm not reading this," that point in the plot is not important! The author doesn't focus a lot of attention of that little crush, thank goodness! XD I just had to mention it because it was weird and yucky. :P 
To sum it up, I really enjoyed the book! And if you like Peter Pan or just steampunkish reads, you should read it! :D
- - -

See this sketchbook? Yup, that's mine. XD (Wow, I can't believe I haven't shown you faeries what I draw in before this. XD) Well, this is the sketchbook that lied to me.

My parents gave me and my sister, Lostfairy, some really nice new markers for Christmas. And they are not normal markers either. With these markers, you can blend them. :O XD

(The brand is Touchnew.)

So me and my sister wanted to try them as soon as possible. :D She had drawn this really cute chibi Frisk from Undertale and was going to color it and I drew a quick chibi mermaid to color.

Here's my drawing when I finished it, by the way.* :3

So my sister and I were happily coloring our drawings, when all of a sudden, Lost flipped over the next page in her sketchbook. And, lo and behold! There. On her next drawing that she wanted to color. There were dots! Dots, I tell you! On her perfectly perfect picture! :O 

And, then, I checked my next page, too. And look!

*It's so messy! I'm not used to the way the ink from the markers spreads. DX :P

Gah! I have dots on my next page, too! D: I thought my sketchbook could handle markers like that..

See? My sketchbook says it's "ideal for markers." Like, what! How could you lie to me sketchbook!!! DX *cries forever* I'm so mad at you sketchbook! *throws it into the fire and cackles and cries as it burns*



Uh. Ahem! Never mind that outburst. XD

I think I need to get a different sketchbook if I want to use my markers. I'm thinking a sketchbook where you can use watercolor colored pencils will work. :P But, I'm not sure! XD 

- - -
Okay! I drew a few drawings already this Christmas break! And I really wanted to show them to you. :)

I drew Barry!!!!! From The Flash!!! :D Barry does this pose. A LOT. XD So I had to draw him doing it. :P I think I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Here's the reference photo I used. 

I couldn't find a dark enough blue to match the navy he is wearing in this picture. XD

This is Lostfairy's idea. I had ran out of ideas for what to draw and she told me to draw Newt (from the Maze Runner) in a Christmas sweater! Newt is my favorite character in the whole series! So how could I say not to drawing him in a Christmas jumper?! (Oops, I meant sweater. You know when you start using British terms, that you've watched too many DanTDM videos... XD) Anyway, Newt is kinda of a grumpy character sometimes so I drew him frowning. XD Yeah... he does not look happy to be wearing a Christmas sweater. :P

By the way, I tried to make him look like he was leaning against a wall. But... yeah, that didn't work too well. XD

One last picture!

Chibi Christmas elf!!!

Okay, this was first going to be a chibi unicorn girl. But it started to look more like a Christmas elf, instead. So that's what I did! 

I had a lot of fun with her two toned hair. :) 

*Lostfairy pointed out that the elf's furry shoes look like reindeer hooves. And I have to agree! XD I didn't plan that! 

You may have noticed that I put a watermark on my pictures. Well, just recently, I found out just how easy it was to remove something from a picture and for it to look almost normal. So I thought I'd put a watermark so no one would steal my art. I do not think you loyal faeries would steal it! It's just a precaution. 

Welp, I hope you enjoyed the post! Have an amazing weekend!!! 

What have you been doing on your Christmas break?    


  1. Everland sounds like a fun book! I love Peter Pan, so this'll have to go on my TBR!

    And awwwww, the chibi Christmas elf is SO CUTE! Did you draw that recently? Because I hadn't seen it yet! :O

    1. It is a really awesome book! You should read itttttt! XD Oh, goodie, now you have to read since it's on that list! XD :P

      Thanks!!!! Yup, I drew a few days after Christmas. Like, the 27th or 28th or something. XD Welp, now you have! XD I'll show it to you in person sometime, though! :D

  2. Omg, Chloe! You’re amazing at drawing!! I can’t master hands l cries l XD
    Haha newt in a Christmas sweater!! XD
    I’d love to see more drawings!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you! I have not mastered hands yet! You should see some of the hands I draw! XD They look like mutant hands. XD I have to look up manga hands for help. :P I'm sure you'll master them if you keep practicing! :D

      XD He'd look so funny/cute in a Christmas sweater. By the way, have you read or watched The Maze Runner? :O I loaf that series so much. XD

      Aww, I'm so glad you liked seeing them! If you want to see more you can check back on some of my older posts because they have more of my art. And I know I'll be posting some again! :D

      By the way, welcome to Faeries and Folklore! I hope you'll come back again! I'd love to get to know you more. :D

  3. Sounds like a pretty decent book! :D

    :o BAD sketchbook BAD! That stinks DX

    Yeah I can just imagine Thomas trying to get Newt to wear a Christmas sweater XDD

    1. XD Let me know if you EVER (teehee, get the joke? XD) pick it up sometime! :D

      XD Yesh, hear that, sketchbook? Even Sarah thinks you were being bad by lying to me!! XD

      XD That would seriously be hilarious if that happened in the books or movies! XDD Can you imagine if ALL the Gladers had to wear Christmas sweaters? (I can only picture Chuck being happy about that. XD)

      P.S. You're comment made me laugh out loud, by the way! XD "BAD sketchbook BAD!" XDD


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