Saturday, December 23, 2017

How I Color - Part 2

Wow, I can't believe Christmas is coming so quickly! :O I'm so pumped for it, though! The family time will amazing. :D And getting to celebrate Jesus' birth has to be the best reason of them all to get excited. :)

And speaking of getting excited about Jesus' b-day. Here's a song for y'all.

I know it's VeggieTales, but who hasn't watched that as a kid??* XD And it's Owl City! I love his songs so much!

Ahem! Back to the main point of this post. :P

You guys remember what I posted about last week, right? (If you haven't read my last post, click here to read it. :P) Well, I promised I would show you this week how I had colored the background for the water sprite picture. So that's what happening today.** XD

*Okay, I'm sure some of you may have not watched that as a kid. I feel very sorry for you if you haven't, childhood just isn't the same without VeggieTales... XD

**As if it wasn't super easy to guess.

Here's the picture of how I left it off last week. It looks okay but a little strange with the white landscape around the sprite. :P By the end of this post it will look much better. XD

Sorry for the fuzzy picture!
Here I had just done the grass. I colored the grass lighter because I wanted the water sprite to be the main focus of the picture.*

*Teehee, that's a little tip I've learned from Rachel. :3 She has great posts on her blog, Manga Interest! Go check 'em out! 

Heh, this is another bad quality photo. I'm sorry! :(
It's really hard to tell in the picture, but I colored the water a greenish blue. Now I know rivers aren't normally that color, however, I felt like that would add too much blue if I colored it normally. You know with the blue sprite, blue river, and blue sky. XD So, yeah, that's why I did it. :P

I also used three colored pencils for the river. :3 One was tealish and the other two were a lighter blue and a darker blue.* XD

*I know my colors like a pro. XD

I colored the bark... brown. C: *crowd ooo's and ahh's over the "impressive" feat I have accomplished with one simple act of coloring a tree* XD 

And now the tree is a cherry tree because the flowers are pink.* :3 

*Ha! I bet you thought that cherry tree's flowers were leaves the whole time!!! Because they could definitely NOT pass as leaves! Pffft, no way, no how. Not even close. Ok, the flowers do look like leaves... :P

I just colored the mountains like normal gray mountains. Woot. :P

I colored the sky in this picture above but it is really faint on the photo. :P Oops. XD 

I had done the sky first with one really pale blue and gone over it again messily with a sky blue colored pencil to give it texture? Does using the words texture and sky even work together??? It doesn't sound like it should. But... clouds make the sky look texture. Ish. :P 

*thinks it through*

You know what! Texture is not the right word for that at all. I think the word I'm looking for is depth. Yup! That word is perfect. XD 

Ah! Shading is next! I had fun doing the shading on the cherry tree even though it only needed a little bit. :)

I went a little willy-nilly with the shading of the river. XD It was a blast!

Now I've shaded all of the grass. :) I added little random patches of darker green so it would look more like real grass. I think it looks a better than most of the grass I've colored in other pictures.* :P

*That doesn't take much, though to look better than my other "grass." XD (Yesh, it was that bad. I can't even call it grass, it's "grass.")

I really, really like the way my mountains turned out in this drawing.* ^.^ 


Ta-daaaaaaa!!!!!! Now I'm done the picture! What do you thinnnnnk? Do you like? XD Do you want to laminate it? So you can keep it???! Forever! And ever! And always! Amen. XD 

XD You don't have to like it that much. 

But I must say I think this is one of my favorites that I've done recently in my sketchbook. (The other most recent drawings are kinda meh to me. :/)

- - -

In this past week, I watched a fabulous movie with my siblings. I had never watched it before even though it has been out for quite some time. :P Wanna know what it is? :o 

It was Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! It was amazing! And I didn't get confused with the plot! Yay me! XD 

And you know what the best thing about the movie was?

This edit was made by me and Lostfairy for exactly this reason: to be put on our blogs. XD

Yup. It was the cabin boy. Seriously, he was so cute. XD Yes. I can see he has the weirdest hair on earth and a adorable silly expression on his face in the picture (and in the whole movie). But... still. He's cute. 

And I may or may not I have watched Once Upon a Time season three where the "cabin boy" (Robbie Kay) was acting as Peter Pan. Which happens to be my favorite fairy-tale of all time. XD And in the TV show Robbie has better hair. XD

See? Much better hair! XD And fabulous eyebrows. XDD

Sorry for that random burst of boy craziness. XD I just had to say something about him. :P

And, as for the winner and runner-ups for the raffle, your artwork is almost done! I just have one more to draw at the time I'm writing this post. (By the time you read it, I hope to be done the picture. ^.^)

Anyway, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! Come back here on Christmas Day to see the pictures I drew for the raffle winners! Because I will have them posted then! XD

How's your Christmas weekend going? I'm sure it's much better now that you've seen Robbie Kay, teehee. XD


  1. So cute! The artwork, that is. *cough* kinda joking...mostly...maybe *cough* The mountains are my favorite part of the background--but you know I adore mountains. ^_^ I also really like the blob of water she has suspended in midair!

    1. Thanks!!! XD What? Robbie isn’t cute, too??? XD Haha, your funny. :P

      Yay! I’m glad you liked the mountains. :3 And, yes, I know you love mountains and forest and stuffins. XD (Who wouldn’t?) Really? Thanks!

  2. :O How do you draw and color like that?! You’re just so talented!!! I love the art!!!

    1. Aww!! You’re too sweet! I don’t really know how I color like that. XD (I love your art, too, by the way! :D) Thank you!

  3. Woah that is AMAZING Koolest! :D YAY OWL CITY!!! ADAM IZ HOT- i mean, Adam is cute. hehehe! XDD
    Veggie tales was a big part of my childhood :') XDD
    Merry Christmas Eve!! XD

    1. Thank you!!! :O Teehee, Owl City is pretty awesome! :D XD You funny girl!

      Yesh! Go VeggieTales!!! :D

      Thank you so much!!!

      P.S. Happy New Year...? XD


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