Sunday, October 14, 2018

Inktober - Week 2

Hey there, faeries!!!

Whoops, didn't mean for this to be posted a day late. XD I just drew the Saturday's artwork wayyyy later than usual, and then I wanted to hang out with my sisters. XD So, yeah, in the end, I didn't get on the computer to write. :P

ALSO, ON A SUPER HAPPY NOTE. I PASSED MY DRIVER'S TEST ON THURSDAY. (Yikes, I was so tense and nervous that morning.) YAYYYYYYYYYY. 




Day 7: exhausted.

This week's theme for me is books I think should be more popular. 

For day 7, I drew Serge from Disenchanted. He is my wonderful fancy fairy bae. And, sadly, he's exhausted a lot of the time. DX 

Also, I can't draw stellar wingtip shoes. Don't look at his feet, they are ugly. XD

Day 8: star.

This is from Lunar Chronicles, which I know is pretty popular, but it could use even more love. XD I drew Cress, cuz I thought stars and her match pretty well. C:

Never mind, *throws hands up in defeat* I don't know how to draw wingtips or bare feet. XD Cress's feet are kinda weird looking. Heh. (By the way, Cress's dress is supposed to be well worn, but I don't think it worked out so good when I drew it.)

Day 9: precious.

A Pocket Full of Murder is such a beautifully written book. Isaveth, the main character, finds paper, even if its just a bit of it, super precious. (She likes to write stories on those bits of paper. CX)

Heh, I seem to be drawing things I don't how to a lot. Now, I've drawn a bike, and I have no clue how to draw that. XD I had to look at the cover of A Pocket Full of Murder, which has a bike on it, to even get it slightly right.

Day 10: flowing.

Jack Blank is an awesome series. It has superheros, ninjas, and androids and a bunch more cool stuff. 

The girl I drew is a character called Allegra. She has this power where she can change her body's density and shape and stuff. In my drawing, I tried to make it look like she was opening a hole in her stomach to avoid the laser thing shooting at her. But it ended up looking way grosser than I intended. XD

Day 11: cruel. 

Now I've drawn Hook from Everland, a Peter Pan retelling. It's a really awesome steampunk book. <3 Hook is a little bit cruel, but I drew him because I think the world is crueler to him. Things just don't work out for him. XD

Hook has a metal arm, instead of a hook, by the way.

Day 12: whale.

Oh, man, I couldn't think of anything that worked for whale, so this one is a stretch. XD It's Nightlight from The Guardian series and he can fly and is magic and stuff. So I figured he, in some point in his life, flew over a whale in the night. Heh. XD

Day 13: guarded.

(Of all the drawings I've done so far, I'm happiest with this one. CX) 

This trio is from Sisters Grimm (one of my favorite series ever.). From left to right is, Daphne, Sabrina, and Puck. Daphne and Sabrina are sisters and Puck's a fairy. 

Sabrina's pretty guarded most of the time, so that's why I drew her. I drew the rest of the trio just because I wanted to draw them for the longest time. 

- - -

You know what's sad? The pen I use and share with my sister, Lostfairy, is like almost dead. DX It's my first artist pen I've ever used, so it's sad that's it drying out. But, thankfully, we have a set of pens with the same size tipped pen that hasn't been used yet. XD Whew. :P

Welp, I think that's all for today. See you all next weekend!!!!

What's your favorite Inktober prompt so far?


  1. 1. That looks super awesome :o

    2. YAY CRESS! I love your drawing so muchh :o It just is so awesomee





    7. This is probably my favorite drawing out of all of these XDD

    1. 1. Thank you!!! <3

      2. Awww, thanks, Sarah!!!! :O (I'm so glad you love Lunar Chronicles, too. XD)

      3. Thanks!!! ^.^

      4. Haha, thank you!!! XD

      5. Teehee, thank you muchly!!!

      6. *blushes* Thanks!

      7. D'aww, thank you so muchhhhhhhhh!!!! <33333

  2. I didn't know you read the Sisters Grimm? I did too! You draw the clothes so well omg.

    I love all the art!


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