Thursday, October 25, 2018

Inktober - Week 3

Hi faeries!!! :D

Sorry this is late! >.<

I can't believe I've done three full weeks of Inktober. I'm enjoying it way more than I thought I would. C: Like, I'm almost sad it's ending soon. DX

For the third week, the theme I was doing was fairy tales and classics. I based quite a number of my drawings from Disney characters, but added my own twist on them. 

Day 14: clock

Yehet! I finally drew a chibi person in a more squishy style. Before this, the chibis I drew became too long and slender to be actual chibi. >.< I think the reason why that happened because I wanted to proportion them right or something. XD 

I had to look up how to draw chibi bodies or something and I saw a really helpful base, but I can't seem to find it again. So I can't show you even if I wanted to. XDD 

I started using gray markers in Inktober art, too. They're super fun to use. ^-^

I don't do backgrounds a lot, but I tried to do one in this Cinderella drawing. It was supposed to be more abstract and maybe even dream-like, but I'm not sure if it just ended up being strange. XD 

Day 15: weak

I drew Cowardly Lion as a human, furry, shape-shifter thing. (Please, someone, tell me, what he is. XD 'Cause I have no idea what to call him.) Sadly, his ears blend into his hair a bit. Whoops. 

It was fun to draw such a scared expression and add the sweat drop to express his nervousness. 

Cowardly Lion in the movie always plays with his tail when he's scared, so I wanted to have my version doing it, too. The hand pose was easier than I thought it would be, but I know it isn't entirely accurate.  

Day 16: angular

Angular also means stiff. I think the Steadfast Tin Soldier is pretty stiff. :P The Tin Soldier is missing one of his legs from just above the knee and down, by the way.

I recently watched Fantasia 2000 for the first time. And I was so inspired by the Tin Soldier animation in there, that I drew my own twist on it. 

I had to use a reference photo for drawing the two side profiles.

Day 17: swollen 

Alice from Alice and Wonderland growing bigger isn't really swollen, but that's all I could think of for this prompt. XD

The angle I tried (and failed) to draw was a upward one, so like looking up at her. I've never done that before, so maybe it isn't too bad for a first, but stillllll. The drawing wasn't how I wanted it to be. 

Gosh, though, those clouds were so fun to draw. XD

Day 18: bottle

Eep, this was such an enjoyable prompt to draw!!!! XD 

Tinkerbell is one of my favorite characters in Peter Pan classic. (Okay, I love all the characters, but who can blame me? They're all so lovable.) 

Can you tell that I love abstract backgrounds and swirls and stars and sparkles? XD Seriously, they are so fun to draw. And I like the look of them.

Day 19: scorched

Heh, too bad I'm not doing the book theme anymore. Scorch Trials vibes, anyone? XD

I thought Smaug was kinda scorched-able, right? Heh. XD And since I'm drawing only humans for Inktober, I made Smaug a man. A ruthless businessman. *wiggles eyebrows* Because all ruthless businessmen hold hearts, yes? That's a perfectly normal activity. CX

I spent a lot of time coloring this drawing. I wanted to get the lighting right on his suit so it would like he was very near a light source. The light source being his fiery wings I "tried" to draw. XD

Day 20: breakable

This is my own Evil Queen, I was slightly (okay, a lot) inspired by Once Upon a Time's Evil Queen. XD 

I had fun drawing all those swirls for the fog/smoke thing. I looked up cracked mirrors to get an idea of how to draw them, and then I went crazy with the cracked mirror. XD

She didn't end up looking as cruel as wanted her to look, but I suppose that will have to be okay. XD I tried a new thing for me, by making her eyes shadowed on the bottom, instead of the top. I'm not sure if it looks good in my style, I'll have to try that technique again sometime and see how it looks then. 

- - -

Gosh, I started writing this post on Monday and I'm only posting it now on Thursday. Sorry about that!! It's almost time to post this week's art, heh. XD

Do you have a favorite type of background in art? Abstract, realistic, or something else?


  1. Awesome! Definitely got those scorch trials vibesXD I especially like the tinker bell one:) I like all backgrounds.

    1. Thank you!!! Haha, it's funny how the word "scorched" always makes me think Scorch Trials now. XD Thanks! Yeah, I like a bunch of different kinds of backgrounds, too. :)

  2. sorry for the late commentS D: I love the tinkerbell one :OO

  3. I love the detailed background you gave the Cinderella one!

    You have such good interpretations of all the prompts :D


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