Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Free Commissions are Done!!!

Hey faeriessssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Imma backkkkkkkkkk.

And, yes! I finished making the commissions without you having to wait months and months!!!

(Sorry, forgot to get a link, I did NOT make this GIF.)

That's me celebrating. CX

Ahem! Anyhoo, before I show you guys the art you requested, I need to tell you something. This is VERY serious. *almost starts laughing* I have made the bestest artwork you ever seen in your life. I'm being absolutely serious here. Your mind is gonna be blown when you see this.

Are you ready?!

I don't think you are.

But then again, no one is ready to see the gloriousness I have created.

If you die from this, I'm sorry.

TA-DAAAAAAAAAAA. It's my fabulous Bendy and the Ink Machine art!!!! XDDDD 

Isn't it perfect? CX 

What? You don't like it??? DX

(Again, forgot the link. DX)

Haha. Sorry, that was a bad joke. *shakes head* I don't know what I was doing. 

Well, I made that Alice Angel and Bendy artwork as a joke once and I just felt like posting because why not? XDD

Okay! Now on to the commissions! 

I only actually got around to finishing the first one and getting the pencil version of the second commission done when I was in the waiting room at the appointment. XD So I drew the rest at home. :P

Snowlondon (sorry, I could only find your Google+ account to link back to you!) requested first, and she asked for her original character, Seraphina.  

Seraphina is a mermaid, but I'm not sure if I made her mermaid-ish enough. DX I'm not a fan of the tradition mermaid outfit so I made up my own. I tried to have her sleeves be like a gauzy, see-through material, and I think it worked...? XD 

And, from what I can tell, she seems like a determined girl! I hope I could put all that bravery and character into her expression. :) 

I hope you like it, Snow! :D

Now, it's Sarahkey8's art! Sarah also asked for an OC of her's, Kaylee.

I had no clue what kind of swirls and polka dots you wanted, Sarah! XDD So I hope this is what you had in mind. Also, I hope Kaylee looks like she has a Ty Lee personality. CX

Heh, the raven earrings went superrrrr well. XDD Sorry, I don't know how to draw tiny ravens. They ended up looking like pointy blobs. >.< 

Lately, I've been testing out shading skin with different colors besides my usual. (Which is tan and more skin tone-ish colors.) I shaded Kaylee with red and then faded it with an eraser and colored lightly over it again with a tan colored pencil. I thought the red would bring out the pink in the shirt.

I hope I did Kaylee justice, Sarah! C:

Josiah's is the next one! He commissioned me to draw Shovel Knight from, you guessed it, the game, Shovel Knight! XD

Welp, this was strange art to draw... 

I don't know what to say about the art, but Shovel Knight looks like a fun character. I'm curious to see what his games would be about. :D

Erasing the certain parts on his armor to create the shine was really fun. And it was nice not having to draw eyes. (Arghhhh, getting the eyes to be the same shape is hard. >.<)

I hope you like seeing Shovel Knight in my art style, Josiah!

Last commission is Lostfairy's!!! She asked for Ghirahim from Legend of Zelda, but she is writing a fanfic with him in it. When she requested that he have the personality from her story, so he's, uh, kinder?? I guess?? I don't know! XD

Man, I love the story Lostfairy is writing, it's so good! :o And, so it was fun to draw Ghirahim from it. 

Ghirahim was the commission I struggled with the longest because I couldn't get his hair to be something I liked. XD I think I'm finally happy with the end product. 

I also tried something new-ish (for me, at least) with the parting in his hair. I did tiny, short lines in the direction his hair would go instead of drawing just a line or two. I really like the way it looks, so that's something I'll be doing a lot more. I'm not sure if that technique works just for guy's partings or not. 

The shirt that Ghirahim's wearing is super fun to draw. I like how it's based on Link's Skyloft clothes in Skyward Sword but the colors are different. The red and black really work for Ghirahim's character.  

Heh, it was a little strange to not draw an eyebrow. And then shade on his eyelid without having the eyebrow to base it on. 

Psst! Can you tell that I left Ghirahim's lips white like they are in the video game? XDD

I hope I made Ghirahim a fraction as good as he is in your story, Lost! 

Yup, that's all the art! It was really enjoyable to draw!!! (And, it forced me to draw a couple females, 'cause lately I have been just drawing guys... Heh. XDDD And I don't want to get out of practice drawing girls. :P) 

Thank you all for requesting the free doodles!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. <3

- - -

If you got the free art, you are allowed to repost it. But, you must follow these two rules:

1. You MUST leave the watermark on it.

2. And you must give a link to Faeries and Folklore.

That's my conditions for reposting the art I gave for the free doodle commission. 

And, just to be clear, if you want to repost any more of my art or art that you didn't get from the commissions, you must ask me for permission first!

Welp! That's all I have to say for today. CX 

I hope you have a lovely time zone!!! 

What do you think of the GIFs I posted in the beginning of the post? XD Too weird? (More like, too cute, right? CX)


  1. That art is amazing!! Your shading with pencil crayons is amazing me:)

  2. (ACK IM SORRY THIS IS SO SO LATEEE I saw it when it first came out but I was on a computer that didn't let me comment and I kept forgetting!! DX

    1. LOVE IT. XDD

    2. That looks AWESOME! (I think it does look mermaidy! XD)

    3. I just
    and *screams*
    and *stares again* THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! It srsly looks almost exactly how I imagined her!! (That's the 2nd time you've drawn an OC of mine and then it has looked almost exactly like how I imagined the OC XDDD) I LOVE IT I LOVE ITTTT!!!!!
    and then finally *dies*

    4. oOOH Shovel Knight! We have that game, I've played it, I stink at it :DDDD XDDD Its a pretty fun game! (I stink at most all video games though so heyy XDD ALSO YES GETTING EYES THE SAME SHAPE TAKES FOREVER)

    5. Ghirahim!! YAY! XDD Looks amazing, looks amazing, I am going to die with all the amazingness in this post...
    *scrolls up in comment*
    I already did.

    1. (That's fine!!!!! XD Life happens so don't feel bad if you can't comment! <3)

      1. Haha!!! Thanks!!! XDDDD

      2. Aw, really? CX

      3. OM, IT'S NOT THAT AMAZING. XDD But thank you very much!!! I'm glad it was close to what you pictured. :D NUUUUU. DON'T DIEEEEEEEEE. *is in dramatic slow-mo, leaps forward and stretchs hand out towards you, time speeds up, and I just fall over and am not even close to reaching you* XDDD

      4. You know about Shovel Knight? :O For some reason, I thought it wasn't that popular of a game. XDD I'm probably wrong, though. XDD (Sammmmmmmme.) IKR, IT SO DARN HARD. XDD

      5. Yehet!!!! Thank you muchly!!! <3333 No, don't die again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:-( It's very frowned upon to die more than once in someone's presence. XDDD

      PS. When I read your comment, I started laughing out loud, especially at the dying the second time. XDDDDD It was too funny. XDD

  3. This is amazing!

    I love love LOVE Seraphina. The outfit you gave her is so cute - in fact that's gonna be her official outfit from now on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    After Seraphina, Ghirahim is my favourite. The details are so perfect.

    These are all so well drawn!


    1. Thanks!! ^.^

      Yes!!! I was hoping you'd like her!!! XD Woah, official outfit?! I'm honored. <333 You're welcomeeeeeee! CX

      OM, really? :OO Thank you!!!! <3

      Thanks so much, Snow! :3


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