Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inktober - Week 4

Yikes, can someone please tell me how four weeks past in flash? Seriously, this month is just rushing by.  >.<

I was worried I wouldn't know what to draw after Inktober, but thankfully, me and my sister, Lostfairy, have thought of tons of EXO drawing ideas to draw. (EXO as fairytale characters, anyone?) XDD So be prepared for an EXO overload next month. 

Day 21: drain

Gosh, Skyward Sword Link is probably one of my favorite Links ever. XD His character arc and personality and, not to mention, his design is incredible. If you haven't played SS yet, you should totally consider it. XD

I had so much fun drawing a silly, exaggerated expression on Link. One of the reasons why I like doing those kinds of faces is 'cause if you mess up a bit, no one can tell because the expression is so goofy anyway. XDD 

Day 22: expensive

METTATON!!!!!!! *does jazz hands* Don't you just love the new million dollar boots he bought? XD 

I had so much fun drawing this picture. The boots were a bit hard to draw, and I didn't get everything to look like I wanted it to, but I still like the way it looks. XD

Day 23: muddy

I love playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have a neighbor in my town that I like to draw. I've come up with my own design based on his look in AC. So this drawing is of me and my neighbor, Julian the unicorn. 

The writing on the bottom of the picture means rain in Korean. XD

Day 24: chop

The Neighbor from Hello Neighbor never has an axe, but I wouldn't put it past him. 

His face was so hard to draw, and I'm still not happy with it. XD I wasn't really in a drawing mood that day, heh. 

Day 25: prickly

I'm happy with this drawing. Have I ever told you that I love drawing creepy things? XD Seriously, its so fun. 

Alice's dress took ages to fill in. XD But I think it was worth the time it took. And I like the dramatic solid black ink on her arms and neck. 

Day 26: stretch

Okay, yeah, no, I don't know how to draw someone stretching. 

This is the first time I've drawn a Splatoon Inkling. It was rather interesting to draw tentacles, instead of hair. 

Day 27: thunder 

I know thunder isn't lightning, but they go hand in hand, no? XD 

I love Pit's design, but I messed up a few details. XDD I also drew Pit looking a little older than thirteen.

So far, I think this is my favorite drawing. XD 

- - -

I can't believe I'm on the last week!!!!! It's crazy~!!!!!! (Also, do you like my new backdrop for my art pictures? My family got a new table so now I have to take pictures on there, instead of the old one.)

What are you going to be doing in November?



    Om that last one looks awesomeee the background and everythignnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn AHHH

    1. THANK YOUUUUUUU. CX I'm so happy you like it!!!!

      Aw, thanks!!!!!!! That one took me ages to color. XD


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