Friday, September 14, 2018

Want Some Free Art? - Doodle Commissions

Hey faeries!!!

I'm going with my sister and my mom to an appointment next week (appointment's not for me), and that means I'm going to be waiting in the waiting room for a few hours. And, so I was thinking I would bring my doodle notebook and draw. Ya know, so I won't get bored. XD

But, sometimes I run out of ideas for what to draw quickly... And that's where the free art part comes in!

I'm going to be doing free art commissions again!!!! I'm accepting a total of five commissions this time. First come, first served!


I'm just drawing profiles of people, so it'll just be shoulders and up. And, it's going to be doodle-ish, which means it's not going to be perfect. XD (Then, again, when is any of my art so-called "perfect?" *thinks* Is there such a thing as perfect art, anyway???)


Here's the basic form to fill out if you want a commission:

-Male or Female?
-Skin tone:
-Hairstyle and color:
-Eye color:
-What's their personality?
-Outfit (basically just say what shirt they wear XD):
-Accessories (e.g. necklace or earrings):

-Bonus: if you want a small phrase or their name on the artwork, write down what you want here:
-Another kinda bonus: if you want the person doing peace or a similar hand gesture, let me know (I might not add this last bonus depending on what I feel like :P): 

I'm great with drawing OC's but if you want fandom stuff, too, I love drawing that, as well.

I'll try to post all the art within the next one to three weeks. (Hopefully you'll see it sooner than three weeks, but *shrugs* sometimes life's kinda busy! XD) Oh! And here's a link to another blog post of mine in case you want to see what kind of profile doodles I've drawn in the past. XD

Anyhoo, that's all I have to say, so toodles!!!! I can't wait to see what you'll request!

- - -

Art Commission Slots:







  1. Awww thank you for doing this! Commissions are a great way to get better at drawing, and it gives people art. Yay!

    Name: Seraphina
    Gender: Female
    Skin tone: Fair
    Hairstyle and color: Shoulder length, purple (the shade of purple doesn't matter)
    Eye color: Blue
    What's their personality: Seraphina is a Treasur Hunter, meaning she looks for lost treasure under the sea (she's a mermaid XD). She's dedicated enough to spend hours patiently searching and area. She's also extremely brave.
    Outfit (basically just say what shirt they wear XD): Any purple shirt or dress is fine.
    Accessories (e.g. necklace or earrings): She wears a silver key around her neck.
    Bonus: She can be doing the peace sign if you want, but it's up to you.

    Thanks again!

    1. You’re welcome, Snow!!! Yes, it’s so fun to draw different types of people, too.

      Thanks for the commission, Snow! Seraphina sounds like fun character to draw. ^.^

      You’re welcome!

  2. OOoh cool idea! Id do a request but um... I would need my name... but im sure your art for others will be just as great instead:)

    1. Thank you!

      Oh! When I asked for the name, I meant name of the character you wanted me to draw! Sorry if that wasn’t clear. >.<


    Thank you sooo so so SO much for doing this Chloe <3 <3

    -Name: Avery

    -Male or Female? Female

    -Skin tone: fair

    -Hairstyle and color: Black hair pulled back in two braided ponytail's

    -Eye color: blue

    -What's their personality? uhh, like Ty Lee from The Last Airbender

    -Outfit (basically just say what shirt they wear XD): Pink top with black swirls (and circles) on it,

    -Accessories (e.g. necklace or earrings): Black raven shaped earrings on each ear

    Thank you so so so so SO SO SO MUCHHHH!!! ^.^ (I super look forward to all the art, not just mine, I love your art style and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh XDDD)

    1. OM, SARAH! XDD

      You are so very welcome!!! <3 ^-^

      Aw, Avery sounds like a cute character! *wishes I could read the story she’s in* XD

      YOU’RE WELCOMEEEEE! XDDD (*blushes* You have no idea what a huge compliment that is, saying you like my style. So thank YOU for making my day!!!!! :3 *hugssss*)

    2. Kaylee not Avery! (got characters confused for a moment XDDD)
      (also her ponytails are kinda long!)

    3. OM, okay!! XD (*nods* that totally makes sense. I know I’d get confused if I had a bunch of OCs! XD)

  4. I'd like to make a request!

    Name: Shovel Knight

    Gender: Male

    Skin Tone: Don't know. You can't see his face underneath his helmet.

    Hairstyle and Color: Again, don't know because helmet.

    Eye Color: Can't tell because his face is not visible in helmet.

    Personality: Brave, loyal, honorable, heroic, loving, determined, and not above emotions.

    Outfit: Blue armor and helmet.

    Accessories: His trustworthy shovel.

    Thanks in advance! :D

    1. Okay, bro! XD

      Hmm, Shovel Knight will be a very interesting but fun challenge to draw! :0

      You’re welcome! CX

  5. OOOO, free art!! I love free art! I love your art! SO YAY YAY YAYYY!!!

    I hope you don't mind if I ask for a character that's from a fandom but... draw him like how he is in my story? Heh, I hope that's okayyyyy! XD

    -Name: Ghirahim
    -Male or Female? Male
    -Skin tone: pale grey (what an odd thing to write for a skin tone! XD)
    -Hairstyle and color: short on his right side and long on his left, the long hair covers one side of his face, it's pure white
    -Eye color: uhh, his eye color seems to change from picture to picture... so just do black, please! ^.^
    -What's their personality? sarcastic, flamboyant, hotheaded, grumpy at times, kind at heart, a bit bitter about his past, can be a sweetheart if he wants to, and a teeny bit flirtatious (whoa, this was way too long, oops!)
    -Outfit (basically just say what shirt they wear XD): his shirt is a long sleeved crimson shirt with lighter red markings around the collar (like Link's Skyloft shirt except different colors!)
    -Accessories (e.g. necklace or earrings): a turquoise diamond earring on ear that isn't covered by hair

    Ahhh, thank you so much!!! <333 I can not wait to see how these doodles turn out, I'm so excited! (JUST CAN'T HIDE IT! *dances around*)

    -Lostfairy (not signed in, eeeep. :1 XD)

    1. XDDD Thanks, sis!! You are too sweet!

      Yeah, sorta-fandom characters are great, too! XDD

      Ooo! I’ve been wanting to draw Ghirahim like this for awhile! Now I have the excuse to do it! XD

      Aww, you’re welcome! Thank you too!!! You are so sweet!!! (OM. XDD *joins the dancing*)

  6. why's the 5th slot closed?

    1. It’s closed because I had a date when I would stop accepting requests and it’s now past the date. Sorry if you had wanted to request some art and didn’t get to! >.< I’ll be doing more requests in the (hopefully near) future.


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