Monday, August 13, 2018

Profiles - Oodles of Doodles

Hello, faeries!

I've sorta recently started a new doodle notebook/kinda sketchbook thing. XD I've been doing lots of profiles of random people. It's super fun to draw a profile because:

  1. It's just shoulders and up. 
  2. You get to focus on the face and hair.
  3. It's just fun, in general. XD
And it's nice to not have the pressure of making it look perfect because it's just a doodle.

I feel like showing you guys what my notebook looks like. I got for Christmas like... two(?) years ago. XDD I'm slow at actually using my gifts that I get. :P

Isn't it really pretty? XDDDD I really like the saying on it. :3


*takes deep breath* Okay, now on to the more interesting stuff. Art! :O 

This is the second entry in the notebook. (*whispers* First one was a little title/introduction page and is rather boring. So I'm not posting it. XD) This drawing is me trying to draw a whimsical girl. I was just trying different techniques for her eyes and stuff. :P 

*glares at drawing* The shirt looks like I was inspired my Barbie Fairytopia. *does a slow face palm* XDD

After drawing the pink haired girl I still wanted to draw but I didn't know what. So I asked Lostfairy if she had any requests. She told me I should draw Black Gryph0n/Gabriel Brown. 

So I did. XD 

I didn't have anyyyyyyyyyyyy reference photos. Uh, yeah, that's probably why it doesn't really look like him. Actually, on second thought! Reference photos of Gabe haven't helped me before so, I don't know what happened here! XDD

Okay, quick story! I drew a few of these doodles at family friend's house. And one of the boys there saw me coloring Gabe. And he asked if I did that just now. I told him yes. And (I think???) I handed him my notebook or I flipped the page to the next blank page. And he was, like, "Woah! You drew this yourself? I thought it was a coloring book!!!! :OOO" I'm like "Whut. da. heck...? @.@ Does this drawing look like a coloring page to you??! What coloring book would have manga profiles to color in?!!" XD I didn't actually say that to him but I thought it. :P In reality, I laughed politely and told I had drawn it. >.< 

Ahem! Anyway! XD

Next, I drew a vampire. Yup. I drew a vampire. Now I'm one of those kind of people... XD Just kidding!

I don't know why I drew a vampire, to be honest. XD *shrugs* Just felt like it. :P She's kinda cutesy vampire that wouldn't do much harm. ^.^

*talks in derpy voice and smiles a funny small smile* I attempted to draw a map. c: It didn't work out so well. :3 XDD

This is a vent doodle. I drew the hand wayyyy too small and pointy looking. So I made it into a robot hand and then gave the girl metal plating and stuff. XD So she started out being a normal girl and then turned into a homeless looking cyborg. XD Yup, cause, heck, that makes sense! O.O XDD


Lost requested this art, too. It's the stage of Zuko where his hair is growing out and it's really cute. It makes him look way younger. (Surprisingly, it was pretty easy to draw Zuko's hair! O.O Usually my short haircuts on guys look funny. But this time it turned out really really good! XD) 

Another day, I was bored and wanted to draw something, so Swirlshine got to request art from me. And she asked for a human version of her dog, Beauty. 

I like incorporating the animal details to the girl I drew. (I'm totally going to draw a lot more furries/shape-shifters now!)

Anddd, because I like sneak peeks and WIPs of art, I'm posting a WIP of a doodle I'm working on.

I'm drawing my new favorite Animal Crossing characters as humans. XD

- - -

On a side note, because this post was so long and had a ton of art pieces, I might do a really short post on Thursday or none at all. I just thought I'd let you know. :)

What's your favorite Nintendo game to play? Right now, Animal Crossing New Leaf is my favorite. ;) 



    1. Ooh that is very pretty :o (I want it XDDD)
    2. that's AMAZING! I really love the color scheme ^.^
    3. It's Gabe :OO XDD (Honestly you should make coloring pages/books someday!)
    4. She looks so cool! :O
    5. Again, very cool :O :O
    8. Om that looks AMAZING!!! Swirl will love it :O

    And uh my favorite nintendo game is.... Super Smash Bro's Brawl? Or..... Mario Kart..?

    1. (Wowie, I'm late commenting back again! >.< Sorry!)

      OM. XDDD

      1. Thank you! (*magically makes a clone of my notebook and hands it to you through BP* ^-^)

      2. Thank you!! :o

      3. Yay for Gabe!!! CX (That'd be fun! Maybe someday, I'll do that. :OO)

      4. Thank you, darling! :D

      5. XDD



      8. Aww, you are so sweet! <3 Thank you. :)

      9. Teehee, thanks! CX

      Ooo, those ones are fun! I suck at Super Smash Bro's Brawl (I mostly just mash the buttons), but it's still fun to play! XD My favorite character to play as in there is Pit. (He's cute, so that why I use him. Just kidding! XDDDDDD His special move is pretty powerful, too.) Who's your favorite character?

  2. Those art pieces are awesome!! I love your manga style:) I do have a nintendo but I stopped playing with it a long time ago, its really out of date now too XD My brother sister and I used to play Animal crossing wildworld on ours and it was really fun so we were really excited when animal crossing came out on mobile, though it's not as fun because some features are missing. Though I haven't gone on it recently so I should check it out and update it:D Have you tried Animal crossing for mobile? You can probably tell that Animal crossing is my favourite nintendo gameXD

    1. Thank you, Violet!!! :D Really? (I don't know why but whenever someone mentions my art style I feel really honored that they noticed.) Thank you! <3

      Ahh. XD I have so many good memories of playing Animal Crossing Wild World as kid with my siblings, too. CX

      Aw, that's disappointing. I haven't tried the mobile version yet, someday I hope to even if it isn't as good. XD

      That's cool! Animal Crossing is one of my favorite Nintendo series, too! :O

  3. Also have you ever considered making an art account on instagram or something to showcase your art? If you ever did I bet you, you would receive a lot of followers!

    1. Thanks for asking! Yes, I have thought about it. I'm planning to join quite a few social media platforms when I get a device of my own (like a laptop or iPad or something XD).

      Aww, thanks, Violet! *hugs* You are so sweet!!!

    2. Nice!! Make sure to let me know when you do get those social medias, I would love to check your accounts:)

  4. Hello! I'm back from sleepaway camp which means I can comment again!

    All your doodles are honestly 10/10.

    I think the colours for the first girl are beautiful. To me, she totally screams fantasy. You know what I mean?

    The cyborg girl is also super cool. I know it's just vent art, but you could make a really cool character from that drawing.

    Ahhhhh Zuko looks so cute! I love the detailed hair and vest.

    Swirl's dog as a human is the cutest litle thing. I love how you kept it simple and didn't overdo it.

    I agree with Vi wholeheartedly - you should absolutely make an Instagram. That would be the coolest thing :O

    Glad to be back,

    1. Hey! Welcome back! (This is super late welcome back. XDD) And yay! :O

      Aww, thank you!!!!

      Oh, thanks!! Yeah, I know what you mean. :D I did have that in mind while I was drawing her, actually! :ooo

      Thanks, Snow! Hmm, yeah! I wonder what kind of story she would have, anyway. :oo

      Eep! Thank you!!! <3 Zuko's really fun to draw. :D

      Aww, thank you! *smiles happily*

      OM, thank you!!!! :') (*whispers* Teehee, did you use the word "coolest" on purpose? XDD Ya know, like my AJ name! XDDD)

      I'm glad you're back, too! I hope camp was wonderful, though! :D

  5. Amazing post! You have a good hand in drawing not just in writing. Keep it up!


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