Monday, June 11, 2018


Hey faeries!

Made this little baby today. XD Didn't try hard. It was fun. ;)

I got inspired by Black Gryph0n's song called Promise. I listened to that song I don't know how many times today on repeat. XD It's so good! It's about a character in the game Undertale called Toriel. And the song fits her character so well. Ah! I just love ittttt. <3 

If you haven't heard the song yet, you totally should (especially if you like Undertale!). The song itself is wonderful even if you don't a thing about Undertale. Here's the link to the song if you want to here it!! Promise - Black Gryph0n

What songs inspire you?


  1. Yay! I love Toriel!! XDD I should listen to that song soon XDD The art looks super super cool :O I always love your quote art!!

    1. IKR! Toriel is awesome!!! ^.^ Yes, you should!!! (You've listened to other stuff by Black Gryph0n before, right? XD)

      Thank you so much! *hugs* You are so sweet!!! <3

  2. Ahhh! I love your art AND the song! It’s both so good!!!!!!! <333

    Haha, I’ve been obsessed with Black Gryph0n’s music lately. :P

    1. XDDD THANKS. :D

      I know, right? Who wouldn't get obsessed with his music after hearing it? Ah, I love his music so darn much, too! XD


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