Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Wittle Crybaby

Hey faeries!

This week has been pretty crazy. I've been getting grad party stuff ready. And I'm almost done with all the decorations for it, but need to wrap up the last little details and whatnot. And there's be plumbing problems and that's kinda busy too. So yeah, life's a little full right now. XD

*takes a deep breath* All right! You remember that I've been drawing a series of Undertale characters, right? Well, I've drawn another one. This one is of a goat kid named Asriel Dreemurr. He's a really cute, little guy. Asriel's a bit of a crybaby, but he's still determined and has a big heart. XD 

I did Asriel in chibi style, of course, because I'm drawing a bunch of UT in chibi. It was interesting to draw a goat but as sorta a human as well. Human because he stands on two legs and I basically drew him as a chibi person, but he's a goat-ish because he has big ears and he's furry and he also has paws. Yes, yes, I know he's a goat but he has paws. I don't know why, but that's how all the rest of the goats in the game are, as well.

Here's a picture of how Asriel looks like in the game.


I didn't have a bright enough yellow in me and my sister's artist marker selection for Asriel's shirt. So I went into the old kiddie art supplies. I found a lovely yellow that worked perfectly. It wasn't the same quality, obviously, because it's just a regular ol' marker, but it did the trick nicely. I could use a darker yellow from artist markers for the shading.

Speaking of shading, I tried something I haven't done that much. XD It's a super simple technique and I should have thought of this a longggggg time ago, but... I did two levels of shading. The first level of shading I did was simply going back over what I colored with the same color. And then go over it again for the second level. But only go over key areas twice. It makes it look like there are deeper shadows and there are lighter shadows too. The deeper shadows are places where, let's say, the clothes wrinkle more. Or, for hair, color underneath the head or like behind the head, if that makes sense.

*light bulb goes off over my head*

*eyes light up in excitement*


I should do a step-by-step of how I color long girl hair! :O Maybe guy hair, too! What do you guys think about that!!?! *whispers* I think Sarah may already have suggested doing something like this. XD If you guys, like the idea, I'll do it sometime soon! I mean, I've got all summer to draw so sometime in there, I'll draw it for you. XD (This month is pretty busy for me, but next month is all clear! :D)

Eep, I'm actually getting excited about drawing something like for you guys. XD I think I'll have lot more time after grad to draw more. So excited, I just can't hide it! XDDD

What kinds of things make you super excited?


  1. Replies
    1. Aww, thank you, Day! ^-^

      (By the way, welcome to Faeries and Folklore! I hope you liked your stay! XD)

  2. Aww! Thats so cute :O (Watching Dan play Undertale, haven't gotten to him yet)

    1. Thanks!!! :3 (Woo! I'm slowly watching Dan playing it, too. XD But I'm not far in it at alllllll. Not even past Toriel. XDD)


    1. (Alrighty! For you, I'd do it! XDD I might also do like some tips or something as well as a step-by-step. :P)


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