Monday, June 4, 2018

A Sense of Loss

Hey faeries! I'm done schooooooolllllllll!!!!! WOO. *dances* I. AM. DONE. GRADE. TWELVE. SCHOOL. YESH. XDDD

Ahem. That wasn't weird at all. 

Anyhoo! I drew Mettaton again. I drew him for my sis, Lostfariy, because she was feeling sick. And I wanted to draw her something that would cheer her up. :) I knew she really liked a scene in Undertale that had to do with Mettaton crying. (I don't think I can say why due to spoilers and snuff.) All I can say is... Mettaton made a choice and he regrets a sacrifice that he had to make when he made that decision. 

So that's why I named this art "A Sense of Loss," because when I looked up the meaning for regret one of the phrases in the description was that. 

Some people think Mettaton cries oil and others think it's regular tears and others still think it's oil and makeup. XDD I don't have a strong opinion about that. But I made Mettaton cry real tears in this artwork.

I colored faintly on Mettaton's eyelid to give him a bit of eye shadow. I like how it's noticeable but not in your face. :P

I also wanted to color in some pink in his hair because so many people do that and I thought it looked like fun. XD But it is not very visible, really. So. XD

I've been erasing lots more in my art to get lighter spots and I think it's been working out really well. XD As you can see, I did erasing in this artwork, too.

Wow, sorry, I've just haven't had a whole lot to say about art recently. And I didn't have the creative juices to write a post last Thursday; it was the last day of school, so yeah, I had a couple of draining tests. XD Sorry about not posting. :P

What are you going to do in the summer?


    I LOVE IT :O
    I think robots (even cyborgs) would probably cry oil because uh the water would mess up their system?? XDDD It looks so cool and amazing :oo



      OM, so true!!! (Maybe MTT is waterproof????) XD That'd be horrible if MTT started glitching or something just because he cried. :P And thanks! ^-^


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