Saturday, February 10, 2018

Art from the Past Few Weeks and WIP

Faeries! I must warn you... This is going to be a shortish post. XD I don't have a ton of art to show you, but I felt like showing it anyway. :D

I drew fan art! I love drawing fan art so much. XD I watched DanTDM play this game called "Among the Sleep." (Really cool game, you should see it! XD) And in that game, your character is a baby/toddler and there is nightmare dreamy stuff. AKA. it's super awesome! :P 
Anyway! I watched DanTDM play it. And I liked that series of videos he did on that game so much I wanted to draw fan art. So I did. As you can see, already. XD Yup, I drew DanTDM in a onesie. 
In my drawing, Dan was supposed to look more like a toddler rather than, like, a four or five year old. XD Oops. XP 

This one was inspired by a message I head at my church a couple Sundays ago. It was about how we can see God but not see Him. Like, we can see that God is God, but not the God who gives miracles or blessings.

I wanted to draw a picture about seeing without seeing. So I made the girl have wide open eyes like she's looking but she doesn't see the light so she is reaching out to find her way. Does that make sense? XD

Here's my school project!!! Remember how I mentioned that I had to draw a picture of a fourteenth century scene for my school? Well, here is it. XD

Heh, I'm not entirely sure if it's accurate. :P I just looked up on Google Images "fourteenth century england lords clothes" or something. XD I copied a picture of a lord's and a lady's clothes and made them totally chibi. XD 

Here's the picture I copied from. XD

By the way, do you know if they had duck ponds in the fourteenth century??? :P

This is my work in progress right now. I just inked it on Thursday and I hope to color it this weekend. :D If my Hamlet reading and essay stuff for school don't take up too much time or if I feel like coloring. XDDD

I used a reference photo for this; otherwise I wouldn't have done the background so detailed. XDD And if you are wondering how I got my lines so straight when I normally don't have straight lines in my drawings, I used a ruler. :3

He is sitting on some steps in front of some wooden doors, not sure if that really turned out to look like sitting, but, whatever, XD and he supposed to be leaning forward, again, not sure if that worked out. I think he'll look more like he is leaning once I color and shade it. :D 

What were you up to last week?


  1. Ahhh!!! These are so cool! My weekend was spent doing a research report.

  2. 1. OOH YAY DANTDM! That is so cute and AWESOME! You should try to find a way to send it to him :O

    2. THAT IS SO GOOD! And a great meaning too ^.^

    3. SU CUTEEEEEE I want to draw like you so badddd XDD (And the wil' duckies too!)

    4. AwesOMEEEE :DDD

    Awesome art and post as usualBECAUSEYOURARTISASAWESOMEASADAM:)


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