Saturday, February 17, 2018

I'm a Dreamer and a Love Month Surprise!

 I edited this picture but the picture of the night sky is not mine. [source]

Maybe this is weird topic to talk about, but I feel like talking about anyway. Cause, we all have 'em, so why not address it? XD

I dream, you dream, we all dream. It's a fact of life. :P 

And today, my faery friends, I am going to talk to you about the wacky and wonderful dreams I've had in the past. 

I'm pretty sure you've all had some sort of dream where someone's running after you, right? Well, I don't think you had a dream where an onion chased you! 

Have you heard of VeggieTales or The Lord of the Rings? Or how about The Lord of the Beans??? For all of you who don't know, The Lord of the Beans is a VeggieTales retelling of The Lord of the Rings. 

And in that movie, the veggie that is supposed to be like Gollum is an onion... Named Ahem. Yup, Ahem. XDDD And he is creepy


I watched The Lord of the Beans when I was pretty little. And in the movie, Ahem chases the main character while moaning and groaning about needing his bean or something. 

And I had a nightmare where I was in that scene and Ahem was chasing me and moaning and calling my name. As a child, I was quite scared. XD Imagine yourself running from an onion, like that's creepy. And it's a giant onion with no eyes and stringy hair. >.< Talk about scary. XDD

In my tween/early teen stage of my life, I had a phase where I thought Teen Beach Movie and Ross Lynch were the best things since cake pops. Okay, I don't think I liked them more than cake pops! XD Cake pops are pretty hard to beat. :P 

In my dream, I think I just walked out of my house into my garage and my garage door was open. And, lo and behold, there was a whole film crew and cast on my driveway, including Ross Lynch. 

My whole family was just standing in our garage watching the movie people film Teen Beach Movie in front of us. I think my sister, Lostfairy, and I whispered about how crazy it was that Ross Lynch was right there, on our driveway. And then, I think I went to go talk to Ross, because why not? Who wouldn't want to talk to the cutest guy on the planet? Trust me when I say this, I DO NOT think Ross is cute, anymore. XD He has been replaced by other better looking guys on my celeb crush list. XDDD :P 

I think I just talked to him about random stuff (I don't remember what we talked about... :P) and I think he smiled at me. And I was happy. :P

This was the best dream of my life! Seriously. I wish I could go back to it. 

It was autumn. And everything had a golden glow to it. You know like in movies when there is a happy memory or flashback, there's a yellow filter on it? Well, that is what it looked like in my dream. 

I knew my family was all home and my parents were working in the flower beds in the front of the house. And my two sisters were helping me get two bright red balloons tied to my wrists. (I don't know where my bro was in this dream... Maybe in his bedroom? Or somewhere else outside? XDD) And once they were done helping me, I slowly started to lift up from the ground. I was flying! It was the most amazing thing in the world. If I tilted one way, I'd float that way and same thing happened if I went the other way. I think my mom warned me not to get to close to the road behind our house. XD But I wasn't worried. 

And the dream ended with me slowing floating over the hedge in my backyard. And my sisters were asking me when they could get a turn with the balloons.  

Everything was so happy and peaceful in that dream. :3 I loved it. <3

I don't get a lot of nightmares, but this is one I remember very clearly.

I was in a movie. And I was the bad guy...?! XD And I was in this teeny, tiny igloo (that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside :P) and the igloo was a on a tall square mountain with northern lights in the background.

In the igloo, it was a science lab and I was the scientist... XD And there was a man and a lady who were supposed to be the good guys in the movie. And it was an intense scene and I was going to do something evil when all of a sudden the lady stabbed me with a needle. And she stabbed me right in the neck, too! Like, how rude! :O

The needle was supposed to be fake because it was in a movie... But it wasn't.

Everything started to get black on the edges of my vision and I think I had fallen when the lady stabbed me. The lady realized what she had done and that needle with the poison was real, and she kept saying she was sorry.

And then, as everything went black, I thought I was going to die.

I woke up in the dream a while later. I was lying on a bed in the igloo. And I had a bandage on my neck. And the lady was with me, too. I don't know where the man went... XD

I knew that I was a bit better but not out of the woods yet. I took off my bandage and felt the spot where the needle with the poison had gone in. There was a hole. And inside the hole in my neck it was crystallized.

The lady said that the poison was one that turned all the insides of a person into crystal...? And then the lady handed me the part of the crystal that would fit inside the hole in my neck like a puzzle piece. It looked really weird. I think the crystal was blue with a dot of red in the middle. :P

And then I knew if I wanted to live, I had to run around the outside of the igloo to get all the poison out of my system. And so I did. And it was cold and the wind was blowing super hard and there was barely any room for me to run around the ledge of the mountain.

And that's where the dream ended.

- - -

Heh, aren't dreams so weird? XD

On a completely different note! Since this month is the love month, I thought I wanted to show you faeries a little love. XD

Starting today and ending on the 28th of February at midnight, you can request one piece of art you would like me to draw! All you have to do is fill out this little form below so I know what you would like me to draw. :) And there's one condition: I only really draw one chibi/manga person in a picture, so I can't do more than one person and it can't be animals either, sorry!!!

-Manga or chibi:
-Eye color:
-Pose (if you want, I can decide that for you if you'd like):
-Anything else you want me to add:

 I hope you have fun thinking of who you want me to draw! :D

Happy (late) Valentine's Day! <3 (What kinds of dreams do you dream? :O)


  1. Oh my a dream where Mr. Lunt/Ahem chases you.. XDD That WOULD be scary!

    *looks up a picture of Ross Lynch*

    Wait, so she was like "OOPS! I accidentally put this real needle with real poison in your neck.." Oh my XDD A a crystal that fits in your neck.. interesting... XDD

    Could you draw my OC, Kira :D
    -Manga or chibi: Manga
    -Clothes: A brown knee-length (more old looking) dress and black leggings, a black hooded cloak (the hood would be down)
    -Hair: black
    -Eye color: dark brown (almost black)
    -Pose (if you want, I can decide that for you if you'd like): Uhmmm just standing, reaching for her sword?
    -Emotion/personality: A sad smile?
    -Anything else you want me to add:A sword XD
    (And my dreams are usually.. I dunno adventerous but they always have SUPER weird stuff in them XDDD)

    1. (Oh and her dress has white half-moon patterns all over, how did I forget to mention this. XDD)

  2. I'll come back to read all the weird dream stuff, but here's my last minute art request!!!

    Long silver cloak over a long dress (probably gray or something)
    Long, silvery-gray hair
    Icy blue eyes
    You can do whatever pose you want. Maybe something with her wand, like she's casting a curse? XD
    Her "personality" is elegant and malicious and cunning and proud... but you've already met her. ;)

  3. You've had some, uh . . . interesting dreams. I think you need to lay off the cold pizza before bed. XD

    Here's my art request:

    Undyne (from Undertale, obviously)

    Chibi (the "squishy," Pop figure kind)

    Black tank top, blue pants (darker than her skin tone)

    Red hair in a ponytail

    I'm not sure what kind of pose . . . maybe she could be leaning on her spear or something?

    Tough as nails, determined, loyal, kind to her friends . . . but in the picture, I want her to be a bit cuter. Or something. You can ask me in real life if you don't know what I mean. XD

    Not sure if anything needs to added . . . Probably just her name at the bottom or something. Thanks for doing this! ^_^

  4. THIS POST WAS AMAZING. XDDD You have some weird dreams but then again I do too. XD

    My request:
    My fairy from FairyABC (I can show you pictures of her, of course. XD
    Bright yellow shirt sleeved jacket over pale blue tank top, darker yellow flared skirt, turquoise blue glove on one hand, and turquoise bow (I think)
    Brown, in a messy bun
    Dark brown
    -Pose (if you want, I can decide that for you if you'd like): uh, she’s a fairy so maybe something fairy ish? XD
    -Emotion/personality: uh either a kinda sassy face or a big smile. You pick!
    -Anything else you want me to add: pale yellow wings. Or maybe pale blue?


  5. WOO! I'm glad Lost reminded me about the art requests, otherwise I would've forgotten! And that'd be bad- I would NOT want to pass up a chance to get a piece of art from you, considering how amazing of an artist you are!!
    So here's my request!

    Could you do a chibi me, maybe? I love your art and I may also use it as a profile picture or something!
    -Manga or Chibi: Chibi
    -Clothes: Pink hoodie (hood down), black pants, teal glasses, necklace with a bronze swirl pendant
    -Hair: Brown (kinda like Lost's, hehe!)
    -Eye color: Dark brown
    -Pose: Hm, just a normal standing pose, with maybe one hand on my hip, XD
    -Emotion/Personality: Happy- you could make it a kind of derpy-happy too if you want to, XD
    -Anything else you want me to add: Maybe a pencil in one of my hands? :D

    Hope that's alright- tysm Koolest!!!
    And woah, you've got VERY vivid dreams- mine are usually really blurred and I normally forget them, XDD!

    -Swirlshine on her phone


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