Saturday, January 20, 2018

One Lovely Blog Award and Other Random Stuff

Howdy! *wink wink* Did you catch that reference to Undertale? XD

I'm so unprepared for this post today. DX Usually I have the post almost done by Saturday or at least try to be and have a clear idea about what I want to post... But not today! XD

Today is going to be full of random stuff. :P

I was thinking I had one or two tags I still needed to do. So I'll do one today. :)

I got tagged by Lostfairy for a tag called One Lovely Blog Award. :D She tagged two months short of a year ago. Oops. Sorry, Lost!!! D: So all you have to do for the tag is say seven facts about yourself. It's pretty simple.

Let's a go! *groans* I'm so full of references today.

  1. I don't like making cards. Yes, I'm a crafty kind of person. But making cards is not my strong suit. The math of measuring the right amount of card paper is a little confusing sometimes. XD But card making has been growing on me recently. So maybe one day, I'll have lots of fun making them. :P
  2. I only seriously started drawing a year ago. What I mean by seriously drawing is I actually wanted to learn more about art and techniques. Anytime earlier than a year ago I'd just say "Pffft, why would I want to know that?" if anyone tried to teach me anything about art. But now I just want to keep getting better and better and learn more and more.
  3. My family is my best friends. We all get along together so well. I love hanging out with them so much. Whenever we're together fun and laughter are always present. :D 
  4. Last summer I kept a detailed journal of everything I did. Heh, I don't really journal now. :P But right at the beginning of summer, I wrote in my journal almost every day. At the mid point to end point of the summer I didn't do nearly as much. XD And now I don't really do it at all. XD
  5. I laugh at everything. Seriously. My sis, Lost, she can say anything. And I will laugh at it. XD I don't know why I laugh so much, but it's fun. XDDD 
  6. You say three to five and I say five to three. Yup. For some random reason when I say numbers out loud like that I usually say the bigger number first. I don't know why, but that's just how I think. :P
  7. I could drink one hot chocolate a day and be happy. Okay, correction, I don't think I'd be happy to drink hot chocolate once a day in summer. XD I loooooovvve hot chocolate. It's so yummy and rich and warm. I love all kinds of hot chocolate; mint, white, mocha, french vanilla, pretty much any kind of hot chocolate. 
I know I'm supposed to tag other people, but I'm don't know who hasn't done it yet. So anyone who feels like doing this tag can!

- - -

Last week I told you faeries what I was working on. And now I'm done it and I feel like showing you!

It wasn't supposed to be at the beginning, but it turned out to look like Lostfairy a little bit. She doesn't have hair in that style, but the jacket and mittens and sweats look like hers. XD 

This is my first time doing lighting like that on the girl. And I had fun! :D It was easier than I thought it would be. I just had to color the turquoise bit on the girl first before I colored the rest. :3 

Here's the next drawing I'm working on.

*squeals* Doesn't he look positively evil and adorable?! XD That's what I wanted him to look like anyway. CX 

I made this online this week. :D I was thinking of a Peter Pan quote when I wrote this. ;) It didn't turn out like I was thinking it would. But I think I'm pretty happy with the result. 

- - -
I'm not sure if you know this about me yet, I like to bake a little. I can't say I'm very good. I am still such a newbie when it comes to baking. 

Anyway, I made cake pops/cake balls yesterday. I did the slash because they weren't really cake pops... Because I didn't feel like putting them on sticks. XD So they are cake balls. 

Oh goodness, in the picture they look gross. Sorry for the bad quality pic!!!  
It's a salted caramel mocha chocolate cake ball. 

I kinda made my own recipe with these... XD Like I did use recipes, but I put the recipes together.  I used a simple chocolate cake recipe for it. And a mocha frosting recipe. And a easy caramel sauce recipe. And then my mom had some chocolate sea salt to sprinkle on it. 

I think they tasted pretty good. But it was probably because Tracey, my older sis helped me make the frosting and my Mom helped me make the caramel sauce. XD

- - -

I'm really sorry for not replying to your comments in the past few weeks. I will try my best to catch up on comments next week! 

What have you been doing last week? Do you like cake pops? 


  1. 1. I really enjoy making cards tbh XDD (When I do it.. which is uhmm not very much)
    2. Me too! (XDDD)
    3. Same for mee (Next 4 answers are same for me or something like that)
    4. XDD I journal very little, but I do have one XD!
    5. Hehe same XD (Why do you think there are so many 'XD's in my comments?)
    6. XDDD
    7. XDDD My favorites are french vanilla and raspberry, XD

    *stares at drawing for hours*

    XDDD YEs! He does look evil, and adorable, and AWESOMEEEE

    That looks so GOOD!!!
    I want one so badly XDDD


    1. 1. That's cool! I didn't know you liked it to that! :O :D (XDD)

      2. Yay! Sameies!!! :D

      3. Families rock! XD

      4. Haha, the struggle of writing in journals is real. XDDD

      5. Yes! XD's all the way!!!!!

      6. ^.^

      7. Oooh, raspberry sounds so yummy!!!!! (Now I wish I could have one... :( XD)


      XDD I had so much fun drawing him! XD Thanks!!!! You are seriously way too sweet. *huggles forever*

      XDDDDDD Thanks!!!!

      Oh! I just got an idea. *sneakily runs over to AJ and looks around suspiciously and darts into the Art Studio and makes something super secret and then writes a JAG and sends it away* XD

      Thank you!!! :3

  2. Amazinggg Art as usual! :D
    Loved reading your answers to the tag! I like reading people’s answers to tags, I don’t even know if that made sense. XDDDD

    XDDD Cake ball!

    Loved the post Koolest! :D


    1. Thank you!!! XD

      I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I had fun writing them. :D And that totally made sense. XD I enjoy reading other people answer's to tags, too. :3


      Thanks!!! C:


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