Saturday, January 13, 2018

Art from Christmas

Hey faeries!!!

Whew. This week has been, well, school-filled. It's weird to think that just last week I wasn't doing school and now I am. D: The only good thing that I can think of about school is one of the projects I have to do. And it involves drawing!* Yay! I get to draw a scene of some people from the fourteenth century. I'm thinking of drawing some cute little chibi people in fancy old fashioned outfits in a castle courtyard or something. :D I'll show you guys when I'm done it! 

*I don't have an art class in my school (aka. my home XD) so this is super cool for me! XD

- - -   

Remember when I said I was working on some art but I couldn't show you it because I was going to give it to my siblings for Christmas?

Well, Christmas is definitely past now. So I think it's safe for me to show you. ;) XD

Often when I draw for my family members I try to draw something from a movie or TV show or some other fandom that they really like. But for my Mom and Dad, it's kinda super hard to think of something like that. But this year, I asked my parents if it was okay if I drew them something random. (No, I didn't spoil their Christmas gift! The whole family knew I was drawing pictures for them for gifts. They just didn't know what I was drawing. XD) So my gift for them was just a random girl I came up with from the top of my head. ^.^ 

I didn't look at any reference base pictures for this drawing, so the proportions might be a little off. XD But it was sooooo nice making the girl's sweater have long sleeves so I didn't have to draw hands!!!!! I went a little willy-nilly with her hair, but I think it turned out okay. XD 

I drew this picture for my older sister, Tracey. It's from an amazing story called The Brightest Thread she wrote and wants to get published! :O It's a Sleeping Beauty retelling. 

I used no base for this... And I should have! DX I made the guy's neck and head waaaaaay too small. *cries forever* And the girl's head looks little... wonky. XD

Yeah, I like it for the most part. But I keep seeing all the mistakes. 

I drew this for my bro, Josiah. He likes these three YouTubers. From left to right, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and Markiplier. 

In case you don't know what they look like, I made a handy-dandy collage of them. 

The pictures of these guys are some of the ones I looked at while drawing. XD

I'm pretty sure those guys are goofy. Not for sure, I've only watched one video of Markiplier and none of Jacksepticeye. But I have watched tons of DanTDM so I know he's silly! XDD And I wanted to draw them all doing some kind of silly-ish pose. 

The drawing is one of my favorites I drew for my family this Christmas. ^.^

Credit to Lostfairy for taking a picture of my drawing. XD
It's Link! I love The Legend of Zelda so much!!!! Link is my video game crush... XDD 

I drew this picture for my sister, Lostfairy. <3 She loves The Legend of Zelda video games a lot, like me. :P And one of her favorite games is The Skyward Sword. So I drew Link wearing the outfit he wears in that game. But his hair is a tad on the greenish side in that game, so I changed it to be more yellowy blond like from Breath of the Wild. :P 

Here's a picture of Link from The Skyward Sword. :) 

In case you wanted to know, I used a reference base for my drawing.

It's a pretty simple base, but I still had a hard time with the hands. XD (Though, I think the Link drawing is again one of my favorite drawings I did for Christmas.)

I drew this for a good friend of mine for Christmas. :3 She really likes this TV show called Avatar: the Last Airbender. And I love it, too! XD And one of her favorite characters is a firebender named Zuko. <3 

Here's picture of him. XD Zuko's such a grumpy guy, but I love him. XDDD

- - -

I don't know if you guys want to know, but here's something I'm working on at the moment. :D

I still have to add the light spots and stuff to her eyes and then I'll color it. C: 

I felt like drawing her in a parka because it's still really cold outside and I don't do a lot of winter pictures, in general. And for some random reason I wanted to draw a magical tornado. XDDD I don't know why I felt like drawing that. :P 

- - -

Welp, I think this post is done for today! XD I hope you guys enjoyed! And have an amazing weekend!!! :D

What's your favorite video game or TV show?



    1. Awww! That girl is so cute :o ^.^

    2. This is my favorite out of all of these!(The boy kinda looks like link XD XD) THAT IS JUST SO AWESOME!!!

    4. Oo the last airbender! I watched a view episodes of that XD
    5. Thats so cute!! ^.^

    My favorite video game is Animal Jam XD And my favorite tv show is Studio C!


      1. Thanks!!!! C:

      2. Really??! Wow! Thank you! (XD Trueeeeeeee. I didn't realize that, but it does really look a little like Link. XD) THANK YOU!!!!!!


      4. XD What did you think of it? :o (I know it's a little weird sometimes. XDDD)

      5. Thank you! c:

      XD Yeah, AJ is pretty awesome. :D Ooh, I've watched a bit of that! It's so funny. XD


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