Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ghirahim - uncolored art

Hey faeries! 

Yikes, school has been keeping me busy! I haven't drawn at all this week. So I'm running out of art to post. XDD Therefore, I'm posting some art I have actually finished but I'm showing you the unfinished work. :P Does that make a lick of sense to you? XD

Anyhoo, I been wanting to draw Ghirahim from Skyward Sword for quite some time now. And just a week or so ago, I finally got around to doing it. ;)

I didn't come up with the pose idea myself. I looked at someone else's art for help on how to draw it right. 
(I forgot to get a link to the site which this picture can be found, sorry!)
Here's the picture I looked at. (I love this artist's art style!)

Since the weekend is nearly upon us, I'll hopefully will have more time to draw.

- - -

Welp, two of my siblings and I are going out today to get ice cream! It's so hot out right now! XD Last time we went out to go get something cold, we went for an hour long walk around a park in our city. It was so fun. I think we're going to eat our ice cream on the go today, too. ^.^ (I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I am, so... XD)

What do you like to do when it gets super hot outside?


  1. It looks amazing! I didn't know you used another picture to get the pose right--the proportions are exactly perfect!!! I feel like I would be erasing a lot if I tried that. XD

    1. Thank you! C: Yup, I use reference pictures all the time in my art. :P And thanks! XD I doubt that; you're really good at art, too. :3

  2. Om I cant wait to see the finished version :o


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