Monday, May 14, 2018

Boy and Dog (I couldn't think of any other creative title than stating the obvious)

Hey there!

I hope you all had delightful weekend celebrating Mother's Day! 

I've been waiting to show you this art for weeks and now the day has finally come when I can post it! XD I had tons of fun drawing it and I feel like it one of those pictures that once you've done it and you look upon the finished product, you can't help but feel happy about it, even though you see mistakes. Does that ever happen to you? XD

Dogs aren't the usually subject I draw, but this dog was easier to draw than most. Or, I should say, it turned out better than most of the dogs I draw, not that it was super easy drawing it. (I also used a reference photo; that helped, too.) I didn't copy things exactly perfectly on my drawing. *shrugs* Like, the dog is uber fluffy in the picture, but not so much in my drawing. 

Since the setting is in a car, I thought not doing too many details for the trees and stuff  in the background wouldn't be too horrible. XD Plus, I kinda suck at bushes and trees. :P And it looks like their driving then; which would make the background appear blurry. So, that's a pretty good excuse not to draw trees, right? ;)  

You probably wondering who this guy I drew is. I drew the actor from a TV show I watch called The Flash. The actor's name is Grant Gustin. I had seen this picture of him with one of his dogs, Nora. And I just really wanted to draw it. XD

Here's the photo I used as reference. And, um, funny thing is I haven't gotten good at drawing people to look like they're older than a teenager. So... what'd you know, I drew Grant looking like a teenager instead of a young adult. Heh, oops! XD

Do you know how many times I drew Grant's cap bill? I redrew it so many darn times. >.< It just wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to! DX But, finally, after the near hundredth try, I got it. XD Not sure if I could draw a perfect cap bill now, though. :P

I think that's it I have for today. :P Next post is one of some art where I vented a little. :P Hope you're ready for it! XDD

Do you like dogs or cats better?


  1. Ooooooooooooooooh (that picture is cute XDD!)

    I think the dog looks really fluffy! Making something super fluffy look super er, fluffy, is hard (I cant do fur, or feathers, or scales, or anything XDD)

    I think it looks perfectly amazing!! The dog is so cute <3 XDD

    I like cats better, though that miight change when we get Trump, (Domestic cats vs dogs anyways.. CHEETAHS, JAGUARS, AND ALL THOSE BIG CATS WILL ALWAYS RULE. XDD)

    1. XD (Are you talking about my drawing or the reference...? XDDDD)

      Thank you! Ikr! Feathers and fur are soooo hard! XD

      You are so sweet! *hugs fiercely* Thank youuuuu!

      XDD I can’t wait to see more Trum Trum pics! (I personally like domestic dogs better than domestic cats. XD NO KOALAS SHOULD RULE XDDDDD)


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