Saturday, October 14, 2017

Art Post and Posting Schedule Revealed!

The post you guys have a been waiting all week for is here!!* Art post!!! Yay!!! :P

*Actually, I have no idea if you been waiting for this all week or not... Maybe that's cuz I haven't said my blogging schedule yet... Hmm. That's probably it. Okay, I'm gonna say it now! Imma gonna try to post every Saturday! So check back here every week if you want to see more. 

So on to the art post! 

This girl turned out more like a Tinkerbell character than I thought I would have thought at first.* It took me months to actually finish this drawing. XD I had it left it for awhile with just a bit of coloring to do and for some reason didn't color it for ages. 

I think I like the way it turned out but it's not my fave. Don't ask me what happened to her hands and feet... They are hard to draw. XD I think I did okay-ish at the hallway, but I need to work on backgrounds/scenery more.

*If you know which Tinkerbell character, I will give you an imaginary cakey chocolate chip cookie. (I made those cookies with my sis, Lostfairy, this week. XD And they're yummy. :P) 

DA FLASH!!!! CHIBI STYLE!!!!! I had a lot of fun doing this! It was a bit challenging doing a side running pose. I didn't feel like inking this one because I felt like it didn't need it. I think it would make it look too bold and I wanted it to look like he was actually running. :P

Remember when I said I would post the first picture I did with my "new" colored pencils. Well, here it is, folks!!! I did a drawing of me and my sister and around us I wrote a bunch of our little sayings and inside jokes.* I drew us wearing clothes we actually wore a lot in the summer, so that was fun.** :3 

*I cropped the words out of the picture because they wouldn't make a lick of sense and they are kinda private. XD 

**In case you don't know who is who, Lost is on the left and I'm on the right. :P

For all of you who can't tell what it says on the bottom, it reads "Scary Sword Master Samurai with pet Dragon." 

I drew this with my sisters, Lost and Tracey, one evening. We were playing the Idea Game, which we got from my book Manga Crash Course. It's where you put together random personalities and abilities and other things and then draw a character with all those things you got. As you can see I got a Scary Samurai person with a pet dragon. XD 

I rather like the way it looks in the end. :) My shading has definitely gotten better. And I enjoyed making him look semi-evil. XD I love Chinese dragons and dragons in general and this is my first time* drawing one. :P I think this is one of my fave drawings I've done so far. :D

*At least, that I remember doing and doing well. XD

What do you think of these drawings I've shown you today? And are you excited that I actually having a blogging schedule?! XD


  1. I'm super excited! Your art's so good!

    1. Aww, thanks so much!!! ^.^ You are so sweet!

  2. Aw! That fairy is adorable! :D (You should totally draw that in the AJ art studio and make into a mp!!!)

    Hehe, I'm sure Lost really enjoys that Flash one! All the drawings are amazing! :D

    1. XD Thanks! (Maybe I will sometime! :3)

      LOL! I'm sure she does, too. XD Thank you so much!! C:


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