Saturday, September 30, 2017

A Study in Scarlet - Book Review

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted in forever!! I don't really have any excuses why I didn't post, I was just being lazy. Sorry.

As you know from one of my last posts called a Small Art Post, I had said I bought the book A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I read it in the middle of August sometime. It was really good and way different than I thought it would be. I guess, I was kinda excepting Nancy Drew feel but the main character is a guy (obviously!) and it being old fashioned. XD


Yeah Points
  • The main characters are just so kooky together.
  • Sherlock is super smart and comes up brilliant thoughts on how to solve a case.
  • There's some humor and it's funny. XD
  • I could not figure out the mystery! (I think that's a good thing... right?)
  • There's a bit of romance in the book.

Nah Points 
  • Well, in the middle of the book, they switch the point-of-view completely. Like, the first half of the book is from Watson's view and then the second half is telling the whole tale of how the murderer came to be. (AKA. the first half is London and then, boom! It's in the New World/U.S.! Like, what? How could you do that to your reader?? I had a bit of a hard time getting into the second half because it felt like a totally different book. But it was still good. ^.^) 
  • And I could not figure out the mystery. (Bad-ish because the author doesn't give enough clues and you don't even know who the murderer is before they are caught. And I kinda like knowing the villain before you know they are a evil mastermind.) 

To sum it up, it was a good book and if you like mysteries, you should read it!


  1. Ooo, sounds like an interesting book! :D I'll probably read it sometime. When I don't have like, 15 library books to read. *randomly thinks of the little funny frown/concentration face TBS gif* *bursts out laughing*

    I'm normal. Mhm mhm! XD

    Amazing post, as usual! ^.^

    1. It was an interesting book! XD I liked it. :) Yes, you should read it sometime!! Lol, I always seem to have that problem of having too many library books to read before I can read my own. :P :laughs with you at the "little funny frown/concentration face" TBS is making: He is too funny. XD I like looking up GIFs of him too much. XDDDDD

      Mhm mhm, you are just about as normal as me!! Which, of course, is PERFECTLY normal!!! :P XD Right?

      Thank you! Your comments always make me smile. Mhm mhm! XD


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