Friday, July 21, 2017

Small Art Post

Hi guys!

As you can tell by the title, I'm going to be posting my art today. I haven't been drawing that much lately so the art I'm showing is from a few months ago and a couple of weeks ago. 

I did this chibi adventurer girl a few months back. It was fun making up my own chibi pose and outfit. I love doing girls with long hair! So much more hair to color. (I love coloring hair). 

I like how my mossy rocks turned out. But I don't like how my trees roots look. That is for sure a point in my art that I need to grow in. 

Okay, when I first started drawing this guy, I was planning to make him Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. But that did not work out, at all. Captain Hook looked like a teenager, not an adult. For some reason I couldn't get him to age. So I decided to just change it up completely. And that's what turned up. 

I think the eyes look good. (Yes, one is smaller than the other, but who cares? It's okay not to be perfect.) The smile is pretty good, too. I see things I would like to change, like the ears, for example. (Now I know for next time to make sure the ears are a good and proper size.)

This is the one I did a couple weeks back. I wanted to draw someone that wasn't just a head shot but not a full length picture either. 

Those hands were hard. I had to draw them so many times and they still didn't go out the way I wanted them to. I had inked them and then taken another look at them and saw they were awful. So I whited the worst one out a bit. Then I inked it again. And since the ink was done on white out it didn't dry that fast so I accidentally smudged it. I was like, "Phooey. Now it's wrecked." Then I realized I could improvise. So I drew a about of little black lines and smudged those, too, to make it look like I had smudged it on purpose the first time. 

I enjoyed picking out the colors for the magical smoke. And I rather like the way her hair is colored. 

A while back, I had started watching Book 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender with my friend on a sleepover. And we watched one where there was a blind girl in it. I really liked the way the artists made her eyes look blind, so I kinda tried to do that myself. I think it worked out pretty good. 

Here's a picture of the blind girl, in case you don't know what she looked like. 

Now that I'm looking back at her and my picture, they aren't quite the same but that's okay. 

- - -

A week and half-ish ago, my sisters and my mom and I had a girl's day shopping. I bought the first Sherlock Homes book. It looks like this:

I have never read any of the Sherlock Homes mysteries, but I want to give it a try. I think I read it early August. 

And then I also went to a giant craft store and got a big set of colored pencils. (I saw some brush markers but they were really expensive, so I didn't buy any.) But I'm really excited about using my own set of colored pencils! I got a pack of 74! This is what my box of pencils looks like. 

I haven't used them yet, but when I do, you guys will get to see the first picture I color with them!

- - - 

What did you guys think of my art? Have you ever read Sherlock Homes? What do you like to use best for your art; markers, colored pencils, online paint, regular paint or something else?


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