Saturday, April 1, 2017

Manga Drawings

Hi everyone!

Recently I have been drawing a lot of manga profiles. It's been real fun! I got this book awhile and it's been super helpful! It's called "Manga Crash Course."  (Bonus: there is no inappropriate pictures in it!) In the end of the book is a really cool artist game, I think it will help if someone has a artist block or something.

Anyway, here are two of my manga drawings I did recently.

This was my first manga person I have ever done. (I have done doodles of manga people, but I don't really count those.) And another first, is this the first shading I have done on my own. All the others were from copied from other pictures.

I made some mistakes, like too small arms and shading on the wrong side of the nose... But I still feel pretty good about it.

I've seen a lot of guys with shaved sides of their heads and combed over hair, and I felt like trying to do it on this guy. He is the first guy I've drawn where after I'm done, I was like, man, he's cute.

I feel like his ears are a wee bit on the small size... I'll have to remember that next time! And something is off with his collar, anyone have any tips about how to do it better next time?

What do you think of the manga drawings?


  1. WOW! Your really good at drawing! :)

    1. Aw, thank you! That's very sweet of you. :D

  2. Eeeeek, I just love your artistic talent!!! :o I honestly love both drawings but.... The guy is just plain too cute and I can't even sfihsgdsndkdx. If he was real, well, let's just say I'd like him. ;)

    1. Thanks you! You are just too kind and sweet and wonderful! XD Yeah, I'd say I like the guy picture the best too.
      Teehee! I'd like him too... ;D

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. The eyes are my favorite! And your ink lines are very smooth. What kind of pen do you use? Kudos! :D

    1. Thanks! This means a lot coming from you. :D I use Faber-Castell. My parents got my sister and I a kit for drawing manga for Christmas and they were in there. We have two sizes of black pens and one gray brush pen. :)

      Thanks again!


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